The most beautiful travel destinations for families – your family vacation with club family!

Travel around the world with your children!

The most beautiful travel destinations for families worldwide

"Wow, the Eiffel Tower is big!"

"The sea glitters like a beautiful turquoise – there are sure to be a lot of colorful fish here!"

"The climb to the mountain top was exhausting, but now we are rewarded with a breathtaking panorama in all colors!"

"Mom, look how nice!"

The most beautiful holiday destinations worldwide are even more colorful, brighter and more exciting in children’s eyes! Show the world to your children and keep unique memories forever. "Do you remember how nice it was on the beach in Lanzarote when we built the huge sand castle? Or do you remember the many clown fish snorkeling in Egypt?" You will certainly tell about your first family trips later!

Popular family destinations

A day in Mallorca! After you have breakfast in the sunshine, you should decide: Would you prefer to spend your vacation day in Mallorca relaxed or active? Anyone who decides on the relaxed version is on one of the .

A day at the Baltic Sea! Family vacation on the Baltic Sea means pure relaxation! Look forward to a great beach holiday with your children – and just a stone’s throw away from home! Make yourself at one of the many family-friendly .

A day in Greece! Whether Crete, Rhodes, Kos or Corfu – if you spend your family vacation in Greece, you have surely chosen one of the beautiful islands! Greece will then lure you to the beach with its sunny weather. Sunbathing, relaxing .

A day in Germany! Family holidays in your own country can be versatile! Germany offers such a variety: rough coastal regions, traditional low mountain ranges, picturesque lake landscapes and idyllic mountain regions! If you have your vacation in the .

A day in Turkey! You start the day with the first rays of sunshine and of course a balanced breakfast shouldn’t be missing! Enjoy a freshly squeezed juice and then make your way to the .

A day on Lake Garda! On Lake Garda, it means you get out, out, out, because there is so much to discover! Start the day early in the morning with a hike and explore the local nature! For lunch you can either have it in your apartment .

Family travel destinations worldwide

Let us advise you!

The most beautiful vacation destinations!

This year you would like to go to Italy again, to the Riviera. or at Lake Garda or Lake Como? It doesn’t really matter, the main thing is to get ice cream, pizza, pasta and maybe a couple of shoes! Your husband has long had the dream of learning to surf? It’s a lot of fun! Portugal, Southern France, all surfer’s paradises that are worth a trip!

But of course there are also the children who also have their own ideas about family vacation. Your son loves slides !? Whether black hole or crazy river – the main thing is that the holiday is action-packed and a lot of fun. The best place to go is in Turkey, Greece or Egypt. Does your daughter love to build sand castles on the beach or go scavenger hunt with the other girls in the kids club or to be creative while doing handicrafts? There are of course great hotels for your vacation with children on the beach in the Balearic or Canary Islands. We would say: The bucket list for the next family trips is here! The only thing left is to decide which country you want to travel with your family first.

Summer vacation with the whole family!

This year you want to relax on the beach, build sand castles, soak up the sun and just listen to the sound of the sea? Good choice! The classics among family travel destinations such as Spain or Italy are of course attractive. But Croatia with the most beautiful bays in Europe, Bulgaria or France with the sophisticated Côte d’azur are always worth a summer vacation!

By car on family vacation!

A flight doesn’t have to be, this year you’re going by car? You would like to go on holiday in Germany, after all, there are still so many regions and cities to discover – also for the kids. Off to the Baltic Sea or North Sea, there are beautiful islands to explore like Rügen or Norderney. But the North and Baltic Sea coasts with their seaside resorts are always worth a visit and offer especially for families small Children a lot of fun and variety.
The north is not your thing? How about beautiful holiday destinations like the Black Forest, Lake Constance or the Bavarian Forest?

Green meadows, blue sky, the smell of hay – that has something. If you then hear the cowbells in the distance, the holiday idyll is perfect! So you would like to spend your next family vacation in the mountains and would like to take a few hikes? Good choice! Whether Bavaria, Austria, Switzerland or South Tyrol – picturesque villages in the valley, rustic mountain huts on the peaks and family hotels are plentiful and enough. The landscapes are of course also attractive in winter. How about a family ski vacation in the mountains? Certainly not a bad idea for small and large runabouts.

Family travel destinations in the distance!

This year we are taking a long trip! Is it supposed to be exotic, colorful, with icing-fine beaches and an exciting culture? A long-distance trip – a good choice! There are also plenty of recommended long-distance travel destinations for families. Experience adventure, immerse yourself in a completely unknown nature and culture and let yourself be pampered by new culinary taste experiences.

Family travel destinations are plentiful worldwide. What is at the top of your list?


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