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The most popular toy from 1 year A recommendation

Educationally valuable toys from 1 year recommendation

which Toys from 1 year is popular and also educationally valuable? What do you like to play with and what are children and parents equally satisfied with? There are a variety of very different children’s toys on the market. That is why it is worth taking a closer look. At Toy Tips we did this, analyzed the toys and selected the 10 most popular or most educationally valuable ones for you. We also devoted ourselves to toys and skills development. In the second section of our article you will learn some details about which toys promote which skills for 1 year olds. But let’s start with the most popular toys.

  • MOTHER’S PRIORITY CHOICE: Top Bright marble run baby 1 year is made of high quality wood, BPA-free and colored with non-toxic water-based paints. Fully tested to the highest safety standards ASTM F 963 and EN71. The wheels cannot be removed without being destroyed. The car is big enough not to risk suffocation, even if you buy the Kugelbahn children’s toy for 1 year as a gift
  • UNIQUE PARKING: Top Bright marble run 4 wooden vehicles leave the top parking lot and then slide down the highway, which brings joy and improves tracking of visibility. When the game stops, the children can collect the cars in the top parking lot by themselves, which improves the feeling of storage and prevents the cars from getting lost
  • GIFT: Dimensions 22.5 x 9.7 x 25.4 cm, weight about 2 pounds, including 4 freeways, 1 parking lot and 4 auots. Packed in a sturdy color box, other, no assembly required. This ball track wooden toy 1 year is robust and can be easily stored in small rooms. Children can play this marble run baby 1 year at home or outdoors, best gift for boys and girls from 1 year
  • Dino with colorful buttons and food chips to get to know numbers and colors
  • 11 sung songs and sentences as well as 20 children’s melodies
  • Learning: fine motor skills, counting, healthy eating, shaping
  • This snail is a real all-rounder. It transports a snail shell full of wooden blocks while it is being pulled. The colorful shape sorter can also be removed
  • No lame snail! The drag snail is just as fast as little feet would like it to be
  • She transports a very special house on her back: a full block of wood. The colorful shape sorter can also be removed
  • PREMIUM QUALITIES: Made from high quality, environmentally friendly wood material, without BPA and are stained with non-toxic water-based paint, CPC and SGS certifications, 100% safe for children. Smooth edges protect your children.
  • INTERESTING PUZZLES: This wooden game set contains 4 different shaped puzzles (ladybug, butterfly, owl, turtle). Beautiful bright colors attract your children, make learning fun, promote sensory stimulation and brain development.
  • IDEAL FOR TRAVEL: Each wooden puzzle is 15 x 15 x 1.2 cm. The puzzle pieces are thick enough so that your child can be easily selected and placed. Compact enough, you can take it anywhere. Perfect for all travel activities.
  • Promotes these areas of development: early childhood learning, fine motor skills, creativity and imagination
  • Three growing game levels: discover, stimulate, play
  • Introduces the child to letters, first words, animals and more
  • 【ANIMAL AND SHAPED BLOCKS】 – Six 3D fruits paired with embedded, molded slots, a variety of different fun activities. Through this game, baby can learn the shape, color, fruit.
  • 【UNIVERSAL DRIVING FUNCTION】 – A real auto start voice can be generated when starting. If they encounter obstacles, it will turn automatically, lights will flash brightly, and be accompanied by wonderful music.
  • 【PERFECT EARLY EDUCATIONAL TOYS】 – This toy has volumetric building blocks that can recognize and identify different colors and animal shapes, allowing the baby to learn extensively. you can increase your ability to move and train the coordination skills of hands and feet all around.
  • One toy, two functions: the hammer game is also a xylophone that can be removed and played individually
  • Look forward to this dual-function game. After hammering, the balls roll over the xylophone and produce great sounds
  • And the best? You can take out the xylophone and play music with it without hammering

A recommendation for educationally valuable toys from 1 year

Trihorse marble run Maxi

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Ability: motor skills
Size: 50 x 11 x 71 cm
Venue: indoors

The most popular motoric children’s toy for children from 1 year old is the ball track from Trihorse. The little ones can enthusiastically let the ball whiz down. This absolutely recommendable addition for every nursery thereby promotes both the quickness of reaction and the eye-hand coordination. Predicate: educationally valuable! And the little ones have a lot of fun with it.

Spiel Center – Eichhorn – colorful wooden play center

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Ability: motor skills
Size: 28 x 8 x 13 cm
Venue: indoors

This game center from Eichhorn is an absolute highlight for 1 year olds. It combines different activities in just one cube. Each side of the cube offers a different game option – including a motor skills loop, five plug-in modules, a spin game, a clock and a classic motor skills game. The game center is ideal for children from the age of one, because it promotes motor skills and at the same time offers varied fun.

Hape E0305 – xylophone and hammer game

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Ability: motor skills and creativity
Size: 24 x 15 x 13.5 cm
Venue: indoors

With this toy, the colorful balls are pressed in with the hammer and produce beautiful sounds when rolling over the xylophone. In this way, one-year-olds are gently kidnapped into the world of music. And when the gross motorists calm down a bit, they can play a song on the xylophone. Because this can also be removed and played alone. This beautiful combination toy gives the little ones a lot of joy and at the same time promotes motor and musical skills.

VTech Baby – play and carriage

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Ability: motor skills and coordination
Size: 52.8 x 38 x 13.2 cm
Venue: indoors
With this play and carriage, movement comes into play. This 2 in 1 game device combines a classic walker – with which the little ones can make their first attempts at walking and standing – and a removable game board. The little dwarfs can playfully discover colors, shapes, animals and music. Combined in this way, this toy is a good choice for promoting the further development of your child from the age of 1. Because at the same time coordination, motor skills and language skills are trained. But most importantly: the play and carriage * gives the little ones unlimited fun!

Learning fun doggie – Mattel Fisher-Price

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Ability: social skills, language skills
Size: 33 x 27 x 18 cm
Venue: indoors

Cuddling, singing and learning – all of this combines the learning fun dog from Mattel. A very popular children’s toy from 1 year. The children can control the melodies by touching their paws, ears, stomach and heart. The little dog introduces the little ones to colors, letters and body parts. The learning fun doggie * helps with language development, is the ideal dance partner and offers a lot of fun!

Bobby Car – BIG – red

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Ability: coordination
Size: 58 x 30 x 38 cm
Venue: Outside and inside with whisper tires

The Bobby Car * slide car is an absolute must as a children’s toy from 1 year. The small slide car is optimally ergonomically designed for small children. It offers the highest quality workmanship and the low center of gravity makes this car the safest in its class. Equipped with a trailer coupling at the front and rear as well as a knee recess for the larger kids. On the whole, the classic among the slide cars is a top children’s toy and is recommended as the first means of transportation.

Softball – Die Spiegelburg – The Loves Seven

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Ability: coordination
Size: 11 x 10.8 x 10 cm
Venue: Outside and inside

Balls, balls and more balls. But which one is suitable for the little ones? The softball *, for example, because it is not too heavy, nice and soft, very colorful and the right size for small children’s hands. Exactly the right children’s toy for one-year-olds to improve coordination and at the same time spend a fun time.

Wooden blocks – CreaBLOCKS toddler package

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Ability: motor skills
Size: 20.6 x 20.6 x 8 cm
Venue: indoors

With building blocks, children can create the first buildings and let their creativity run free. The CreaBlocks * toddler package includes wooden building blocks with columns, cubes and double cubes. The building blocks are easy to stack, have a non-slip surface and are made from untreated beech wood. The building blocks are packed in a suitable wooden box for ideal storage. Awarded the Spielgut Siegel, this toy is extremely popular with parents and children from the age of 1. Nothing stands in the way of the first own buildings!

Songbook – Mattel Fisher-Price – learning fun

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Ability: social skills, language skills
Size: 28 x 25.5 x 7 cm
Venue: indoors

A song book helps children learn to playfully use language and introduces them to the world of music. The song book by Mattel * is also an interactive educational toy. The cute bookworm accompanies the little ones. The children can press one of the 3 learning buttons or on the nose of the bookworm and are then rewarded with a flashing light or with friendly words. There is nothing standing in the way of the happy evenings together!

Cuckoo where am i With tear and saliva-proof flaps

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Ability: creativity, language skills
12 pages in length
Venue: Outside and inside

Cuckoo Dada? What is hidden behind the next flap? The book series Cuckoo, where am I? * With its tear-proof and saliva-proof flaps, it is the right book to join in and delight parents and children alike. It is the ideal start to discover the world of books!

Toys for 1 year olds – promoting skills

Finding the right toy for 1 year olds is not easy. Because after a year the children have completely different developments behind them. Each child has developed individually and developed his own personal preferences and strengths. Is it still a crawling master or is it adventurous to take the first steps. Do the first words fall out or do you take it a little easier. Children develop completely differently at this age. And a month is a huge distance at this age. That is why it is so difficult to find the right toy.
We are dedicated to this challenge and – depending on the stage of development and ability – have selected suitable toys for 1 year olds. So that children and adults enjoy it as it were.

Toys from 1 year old – motor skills and coordination

A basic distinction is made between fine motor skills and gross motor skills (also coordination). Fine motor skills refer to everything that is done with the hands, toes and face. For 1 year old children, this means that they can throw toys with momentum, that they can handle the tweezers handle or that they can take a toy from one hand to the other.
The fact that the children stand alone or can even take 2-3 steps falls within the competence of coordination. But as I said, this is individual for each child and can move forward or backward for a few months. Don’t worry, time comes, the first step comes. Even when crawling, especially on stairs, the little ones already demonstrate excellent coordination skills.

Motor skills and coordination – the connection

Our brain is our control element that holds everything together. That means that the earlier the motor skills are trained, the better the children will move later. So motoric toys can best promote basic skills in this regard for the little ones.
So that both skills can develop naturally, we have selected suitable toys for 1 year olds for you.

Motor toys

Motor skills cubes
A motor cube is an absolute highlight for 1 year olds. Each page is equipped with different play options. With bright colors, different shapes and varying levers, motor dice offer a lot of variety and fun. And by the way, motor skills are trained and trained in a playful way. For many parents, therefore, a motor cube is part of the basic equipment of a children’s room.
Motor skills ball track
A motor ball track is the ideal toy to train hand-eye coordination. The little ones love to watch the balls roll. It is crucial that the toy is large enough. A motor ball track is often bought by many other parents and loved by the little ones.
Shape toy
No matter if triangle, square or circle, in yellow, green or red. Every shape finds its suitable hole. The different shape toys, whether a mold house or a mold trolley, are extremely popular. At the same time, they promote children’s motor skills!

With one year, the little ones start slowly with the first steps. On carriage is the ideal partner to get a feeling for balance quickly and to be able to safely carry on through the world. Carriages are made of wood or plastic, provided with additional toys or just as carriages.
ride-on car
A small slide car offers an excellent base and the basis for safe movement of the children. They practice the different coordination of the legs and strengthen them. And by the way, this is also great fun.
children’s ball
A classic among toys is still a ball. For 1 year olds it is only important to make sure that they are not too big and too heavy.

Promote creativity

How can creativity be encouraged in young children? It doesn’t take much for that. Because the smallest are naturally creative. They go on a journey of discovery every day, are curious and constantly try new things. This alone is creative. The only thing parents have to watch out for is that they don’t interfere too much with the little ones’ urge to play and discover. Let them do it and just watch. Resist the temptation to show the little ones how to do it "right".

Which toy for 1 year olds is beneficial?

We would like to present suitable toys and utensils that promote the creativity of the little ones here.
Building blocks
With one year, the children can prove their skills with their hands. From now on you can also build. Building blocks with different shapes and colors leave enough room for creativity. And by the way, motor skills are also trained. However, pay attention to the color fastness of the building blocks and the size. Only use larger blocks that cannot be swallowed.
Musical instruments
Music brings joy to life. Children especially enjoy music. That is why a wide variety of musical instruments such as a rattle, a tambourine for children or a xylophone are absolutely popular with the little ones.

language support

At this age, the first words may spill out. Mom and Dad are very popular. The time of not being understood is slowly passing, at least the first steps have been taken. The parents can no longer wait for your little gold treasure to finally communicate. Of course, there are suitable toys to promote children’s speech.

Children’s toys from 1 year old to promote language skills

Children love small books to match their age. Parents can read from it, pictures can be admired and the first terms explained. Fold-in books are particularly popular.
song book
Children also love songs and rhymes. Suitable song books are therefore extremely popular with the little ones.
Singing soft toys
Similar to the songbooks, singing and talking soft toys are great fun for loved ones. No matter whether the learning fun doggy or the explorer bear, singing soft toys are very popular.

The social and emotional intelligence

One-year-old children experience a varied age. You can now actively respond to tenderness and friendliness. The little ones can now keep eye contact with the caregiver. For the first time there is a protest to a request. In this phase, children also start to strangle. In short, a lot is happening. To get through this difficult phase well, some stuffed animals can make everyday life easier.
Soft toys and puppets.
Even if playing with other children is not yet up to date, hand puppets or soft toys can promote understanding of relationships. In addition, the loved ones at this age like to have something to cuddle and nestle. Soft toys and puppets are ideal for this!

Important factors for the right children’s toys from 1 year

So far the most popular children’s toy from 1 year. We have sorted these toys according to the children’s abilities and age. Parents’ ratings were also included. This gave rise to the list compiled above. So that you can finally decide which toy is best for your child from 1 year, we have summarized a few tips for you.

Rely on good quality

There is probably nothing worse for parents than crying children. But especially with toys it can happen that the little ones are quickly disappointed and start to cry. This usually happens when the toys are of poor quality. The biggest problem is that these are usually no longer repairable. Because super glue or other strong adhesives must not be used in small children. That is, once broken, always broken. When buying toys and comparing them, pay attention to quality. So you are spared broken toys and crying children.

Find the right toy from 1 year old

Toys are supposed to be fun, period. For this to happen, the little ones need exactly the right challenge. It shouldn’t be too easy, but also not too difficult. Because if it is too light, then this children’s toy is no longer suitable from 1 year. The children are bored with it and will not like to play with it. So it lies unused and pointless in the corner. In the other case – that is, if the toy overwhelms the child – the result is the same, but the reason is different. Because if the little ones are overwhelmed with the children’s toy and cannot yet operate it, they will also be frustrated. And again the toy ends up in the corner. The right toy for the right age is essential, especially for toys for 1 year olds.

Consider design and preferences

Has your child developed a favorite color or is he drawn to some objects? Watch your child closely, perhaps you can deduce which children’s play move is optimal for your child. Does he enjoy movement or cheer happily when listening to music? Does it love to cuddle with soft toys or is it already a real builder. Depending on what the kids are already having fun with, you can think of an extension. The selection for suitable toys from 1 year is extremely large and the children’s toy variations are accordingly diverse.

The season decides

If there is something little children hate, wait. Children always want everything immediately. This also applies to children’s toys. Therefore, pay attention to the right time when giving and adjust the gift accordingly. Because the classic dates that lead to the purchase of toys have long been fixed in advance. No matter if Christmas, Easter or birthday. But don’t make the mistake of buying toys in advance. Because 3 to 4 months is a huge distance for children of this age. And you did not yet know where and how quickly your loved ones would develop. If you prefer to wait a bit and buy at short notice, you can better adjust to the development of your children. Because the little ones don’t want to get a toy that they can’t do with yet. Because as I said, waiting is not their strength.

quality before quantity

Children’s toys from 1 year old are like sand by the sea. The temptation is too big to overwhelm your loved ones with everything so that they have as much fun as possible. But the opposite is the case. Once the children have accumulated too many toys, it can quickly happen that they lose track and thus also the fun of playing. At this age, you can only concentrate on one toy at a time. Therefore, make sure that there is not too much in the room. Organize the toy in matching boxes, give out a toy to play with and pack the rest away. So the little ones can enjoy the respective toys undisturbed.

Another important factor is the functions of the toy itself. Many children’s toys from the age of 1 can do a lot – sometimes too much. These then have too much input and overwhelm the children. Of course, you should also have your own interests in view, or you would like to be accompanied by loud vocals throughout the day. At least there should be the possibility of volume control for musical toys. Otherwise, it can be quick that your child may have fun with it, but you will lose your nerves.

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