The motor development of children in the second year of life

The first exciting year with your child is behind you. Now the new exciting time begins – the second year of life. Running, climbing and painting are just a few things that your child will discover in the new year. Motor development is progressing rapidly.

A motor journey through the second year with a child

Of course, every child is different and has their own development plan. The individual interests of your child and other factors that cannot be influenced play a major role here. For example, if your child is premature, should you start from the calculated date of delivery instead of the date of birth. Therefore, all of the times given here are only approximate values ​​- and can only be used as a guide by you.

Learn to walk: 12th to 15th month of life

Most children venture shortly after their first birthday the first shaky running attempts. They move from side to side along the sofa or table. They quickly become more and more secure and try to take the first steps on their own. Even if that doesn’t work right away: practice makes perfect. The little ones run relatively safely on their hands. Unfortunately for the afflicted parents, they want this at least over and over again.

The children are now making progress when sitting. You can support yourself if there is a risk of falling behind. The tweezers handle is now being further perfected in fine motor skills. Even the smallest lint can be picked up with your thumb and index finger. Children have now size Enjoy stacking cups and removing and clearing boxes.

Eating with a spoon and fork: 16th to 18th month of life

In the development of the child, more and more is about expanding his independence. It learns to use a spoon and fork between the ages of 16 and 18 months. It can now lead a spoon to your mouth and prick a potato with a fork. The drinking bottle becomes uninteresting. The time has come to drink from the cup. And the little ones are now doing it with great enthusiasm – even the biggest muffle, the still water, tastes good.

Children can now look at picture books alone. Because they have learned to flip the pages of the book back and forth. They now also regularly imitate the activities of their parents. People like to feed the doll or fill up the Bobby Car.

Learn to race: 19th to 21st month of life

Now the children run safely and can already bend down and straighten up without falling down. You can even pick up things and wear them while running. It is not uncommon for a child to take a giant teddy bear or their favorite doll with them everywhere. Running becomes a permanent activity. They are getting faster and safer and have great fun running away from mom and dad.

Pull-along animals and balls become favorite toys. Whether a wobbly duck or a small dinosaur, everything you can drag behind you is great fun. From now on, every ball you can find will make your eyes shine. Because at last the little amateur footballers can kick the ball with their feet across the meadow.

Up and down stairs: 22nd to 24th month of life

The little explorers’ urge to move is growing. They can run and run, now comes climbing and jumping. Every chair and step is now used for climbing. Unfortunately, one or two falls do not fail. But that doesn’t stop most children. Climbing stairs is now also part of the children’s development program. However, they do not walk alternately, but step by step with both feet.

Many children help with household chores. Vacuum, sweep or fold the laundry. Everything is tried out. Painting is also a leisure activity. Street chalks are particularly suitable for this in summer. Children also discover their interest in music. Dancing and singing the first songs is very popular. The fine motor skills are now so advanced that the first simple puzzles can be made.

Two great years – into the third year

The second year of life is coming to an end here. And your little ones have learned a huge range of new skills. The development of motor skills is by no means finished. The third year of life follows quickly.

We have also put together for you what motor development will do to your children in the coming twelve months.


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