The my junior® combi stroller vita eco leather

The My Junior stroller Vita is the superlative among our strollers. With this combination stroller, the most important thing for us is the harmony of safety and suitability for everyday use. It is guaranteed not only because it complies with the European Safety Standard, but also because it is certified with a TÜV seal.

The stroller was produced within the EU, only the best Materials such as natural cotton are used. The materials not only circulate the air optimally, they are also washable. Our all-round carefree package for you.

Because we have taken care of the all-round carefree package for you, you will receive this stroller with a spacious, lockable shopping bag, a mosquito net, a rain cape and a plush blanket. Feel good.

The longevity of this flyweight is guaranteed by the high quality materials, which we secure for you with a 3 year guarantee.

This lightweight aluminum frame is not only a flyweight, but also very narrow when folded. With a length of 81cm, a width of 60cm and a height of 33cm, it can be easily stowed in the trunk and leaves enough space for additional luggage.

It is optimized for mobility and is just a click away from you.

The shock absorption system (SAS) developed by us brings you carefree over hill and dale. It protects your child from any bumps and guarantees peaceful sleep even in turbulent conditions.

In addition, the particularly good suspension and the air-filled rubber tires ensure lightness, so that you can overcome curbs or cobblestones without any effort.

The foolproof aluminum frame of the My Junior VITA stroller can be folded up compactly and carried comfortably. After removing the rear wheel axle, the weight of the stroller is minimized to 4.5 kg – with just one click, even more gentle on the back.

The feather-light and portable baby seat guarantees carefree transportation. No matter whether on a trip or in everyday life. The ECE R44 / 04 seal guarantees the security of your happiness.

With its 3.8 kg, the baby seat is almost as light as a feather. Alternatively, you can also use the baby seat of the MyJunior Vita stroller as a car seat.

In our range, we offer an Isofix base for the stroller, which makes transport in the car a breeze.

Like our other interior materials, the newborn attachment is made of high quality cotton. A wedge pillow is integrated in the newborn attachment, which can be removed if necessary. But of course we also thought of the cosiness – you get the footmuff with the baby seat included.

The baby bowl from My Junior also adapts as you like it.

The superlative Vita stroller accompanies you with the spacious, lockable shopping bag. Whether it’s your purchase, the Wechselkle >

If it rains, you are always taken care of. The material of this bag is well thought out and optimized by us. So the bag is not only rainproof, but also dirt-repellent. Protected on the move in wind and weather.

The air chamber tires on ball bearings and the innovative 4-way suspension (SAS shock absorption system) not only protect your child from bumps, but also the things you keep in the storage space.

Not for nothing is our superlative pram.

You could hardly be closer to your child in a pram. The optimal height makes it easier for you to visit the café with a pram. The height of the handle can be adjusted as you need it. And when it gets tight, the stroller offers you a particularly small folding size (70x45x30).

The wheels and the rear axle can be released with just one click, so that this frame can be stored even in the smallest trunk.

With a minimum weight of 4.5kg, this aluminum frame is the lightest stroller frame among the combi strollers.

In the carrycot, we created the symbiosis between design and comfort. With the handle you can carry the carrycot with one hand, the hard shell creates the design and protection against weather, the size of the carrycot ensures the longest possible use and with the rotary knob under the carrycot you can adjust the backrest from the outside in 9 different levels.

The inserts of the car seat, the baby bath and the sports buggy are made of 100% natural cotton. The breathable cotton guarantees your happiness the best acclimatization and comfort. The buggy insert is made of special foam and covered with bamboo which adapts to your child.

Created for adventure, the 4 suspensions and pneumatic tires take you and your luck wherever you want. The newly developed SAS system on the front wheels not only additionally springs the pram, but also helps you to get over bumpy curbs.

The ergonomic backrest and footrest are ideal for adaptable to every need. For an afternoon nap, the backrest and footrest can be adjusted in up to three levels and ensures pure comfort. The growing 5-point seat belt offers the highest possible safety. The multifunctional sports car can be converted into 6 different settings – whether summer, autumn or winter.

Due to the removable rear axle of the highly innovative frame, the frame is reduced to a minimum weight of 4.5 kg and can be folded to the small folding size of 70cm / 45cm / 30 (L / W / H). The TÜV seal, the production in Europe and the 3 year guarantee guarantee you excellent service and durability.

The elaborately produced eco-leather handle adapts to your size in 8 steps and still looks good. The eco leather feels valuable and is ÖkoTex100 certified.

With the “Pull System”, which is child’s play to operate, you can use a pulling mechanism to dismantle all attachments, set them in any direction or completely dismantle them. You can mount the attachments without accuracy.

The anti-allergic mattress made with great care, the Italian fabrics made of 100% natural cotton and the backrest that can be adjusted from the outside make the baby bath of the VITA a wellness oasis for your happiness.

The VITA tires offer your sunshine the highest level of driving comfort. These are made of thick rubber, but are still pneumatic tires, which guarantees robust, great driving pleasure and comfort.

When folded, the height is only 30 cm. This means that the frame can also be stored in the trunk of smaller cars. The buggy can also be folded up to a compact size and pulled behind it.

The 360 ​​° adjustable safety bar of the sports seat can be easily opened or closed with a push button. You can remove all or part of it so that getting in and out is quick. The ÖkoTex100 seal guarantees that the ECO leather cover is free of harmful substances.

Especially because of the elaborately insulated tops and the included footmuffs for all three attachments, you and you are Your Happiness is well prepared for any weather. All fabrics are rain and dirt repellent and tested according to the ÖkoTex100 standard.

  • High quality 9-level adjustable push handle made of ECO leather
  • Innovative 4-way suspension front (SAS) and rear
  • Easy folding and unfolding of the frame
  • Locking mechanism when folded
  • Foldable including sports attachment
  • Front wheels can be swiveled 360 ° or fixed
  • Safe stand by central parking brake
  • Pneumatic tires on ball bearings, mounted using a click mechanism
  • Disassembly of the rear axle via click mechanism
  • 10-way adjustable backrest of the baby bath from the outside
  • Ventilated carrycot
  • 4-way adjustable back and footrest
  • Simple PullON system for mounting the individual attachments
  • Maximum loading weight: 18 kg
  • Materials:
  • Frame: aluminum and plastic
  • Baby tub interior: high quality 100% cotton
  • The outer fabrics are made of polyester and polyurethane
  • Weight:
    • Frame without wheels, without axle: 4.5 kg
    • Frame without wheels 5.5 kg / frame including wheels: 9 kg
    • Frame + carrycot 13.8 kg / frame + buggy: 13.1 kg
    • Safee Babyschele (0-13kg): 3.5 kg
    • Wheel size:
      • front: 10 inches
      • rear: 12 inches
      • Find out more in our pram comparison
        • Aluminum lightweight frame including closed shopping basket
        • tire
        • Hard plastic carrycot including windbreak
        • Removable and washable 100% cotton interior in the carrycot
        • Sports car including footmuff
        • Comfortable and soft 100% cotton insert for the sports seat
        • Anti-allergic mattress
        • Diaper bag
        • Soft plush blanket in the matching stroller color
        • mosquito net
        • rain cape
        • My Junior baby car seat: 0 – 13 kg
        • Seat reducer baby seat 100% cotton
        • Adapter for attaching the baby seat to the stroller


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        The My Junior Vita is the superlative among our combi strollers. This multifunctional stroller benefits from the synergy of the functional all-round stroller and our chic retro stroller. Its air-filled tires, intuitive operation and many additional functions let you and your child float through the world. The My Junior VITA ECO-Leather stroller, made of the finest synthetic leather, wants to be driven and seen. ","available_now":"","available_later":""," > N n


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