The next flight is pending – or the search for the right luggage (advertising) – nesting nomads

The next flight is pending - or the search for the right luggage (advertising) - nesting nomads

The next flight is pending – or the search for the right luggage (advertising)

Advertising: the following article was created in cooperation with Zalando.

The following scenario is familiar?

The next destination is selected, the tickets are booked and no later than one week before departure, you start to think about the motto: “What do I pack in my suitcase and what baggage do I actually take with me?” Just have it all those who only travel with hand luggage, the size and weight of the allowed baggage is largely predetermined, and the content you just have to be limited to the minimum. We think this is great, but just not minimalistic enough for this way of traveling. Is that you??

The luggage for the rough!

You have the following options, if you have a lot of luggage that should be stowed in the fuselage of the aircraft:

  • Trolleys or travel bags with wheels
  • Bags without wheels
  • Backpacks

If you wanted to get an overview you can also use this travel bag consultant from Zalando. Most travelers and vacationers still resort to (at least) a larger baggage with plenty of space, the most popular variant is the wheeled suitcase or a bag with wheels. If you’re not a self-confessed backpacker, or go on a trekking tour, you’ll find a roll-up suitcase or, alternatively, a bag with wheels most comfortable. The latest models have 4 wheels and also allow easy moving of the case through push. A real progress to the previous wobbly suitcases on 2 roles – we just got to know again.

Years ago we agreed on a large rollable bag, which also has several subdivisions. The advantage is already a little more overview and that it is more compact when empty, which makes it easier to stow than, for example, a hard shell case. Whoever does not check in to a single hotel on holiday, but as we often live in smaller bungalows, is usually after unpacking before the problem: “Where to go with the suitcase?” We also own a bag without wheels, the very big Duffle Bag from North Face, but this monster has the clear disadvantage: if it is full Chris must wear it, otherwise no one of us can do it. Insofar not always our favorite part when packing.

We have renounced the backpack for a long time, it is too cumbersome to get to the content (even with front access) and we do not come in situations where it is advantageous to be able to shoulder luggage – this is of course all a matter of personal Travel style and preferences. Even with the size of the suitcase you can choose between weekend trip and longer stay, where we always like to have some air at the start for souvenirs and bought locally, so our choice is clearly the number bigger.

The right hand luggage

Chris bought a Crumpler photo backpack years ago, which is very reliable for us as a hand luggage, as he takes the photo equipment and the rest of the technical stuff, and we have quite a few of them: laptop, tablet, drone, system camera with lenses and a lot of cables. Here is a good overview of luggage for men.

As far as my carry-on luggage is concerned, the facts are a bit more complicated. Before Liam’s time it was still quite easy, as a normal handbag or a weekender served as hand luggage. With Baby we simply chose the largest possible bag to stow everything “necessary”. And now I would like to have the perfect middle ground, because in the meantime we no longer need so many things for a flight or another transfer, and so the question arises at regular intervals, what is my ideal hand luggage? I have some ideas:

  • NO backpack, I just do not like it!
  • It should be a comfortable shoulder bag!
  • The bag should look good, it is clear!
  • Space for a small 12 “laptop and all kinds of stuff that you drag around on the way.

Many women fall back on a compact backpack, but I refuse vehemently. It has to be a bag to put on, comfortable to carry, well closable and well divided. Since I recently got my own laptop and plugged in my ipad, both need a place, plus a drinks bottle, sweaters for Liam and me and spare clothes for him, snacks, 2 pairs of glasses cases, passports and other documents. All together we are at a size of about 15-20 liters. Such concrete ideas are feasible, but not very cheap. That’s why I have not found a real favorite bag, but I’m optimistic that this will change again!


In the past, they were really big. Our two mothers are still traveling with cosmetic cases, these square monsters with integrated make-up mirror and so on. Nowadays, these are rarely seen on the suitcases of this world. After 10 years of use, we exchanged our old toiletry bag for a new one, but kept the proven and preferred variant. A compact bag to put down or hook to hang. This is very convenient with the often very small sink in hotel rooms. A towel holder is actually always present, problem detected – problem solved.

How to pack the best and what to pack everything?

When it comes to packing properly, there are lots of tips and tricks on the Internet, we’ve already seen so many videos in great excitement, but it often hangs in the process of implementation. Folding all the pieces artfully together may work for a single goal, but we often have clothes in our suitcase for several days, so I do not want to have to unfold everything that I do not need.

Nevertheless, there are already some tips that we now implement. So for example socks in shoes and roll instead of folding. Men’s shirts in particular benefit from rolling as they wrinkle less and it definitely saves space. Lately, we have come to the taste of bags, which makes some sense to use them. On the subject of what you need everything or not, there is probably no lump-sum answer and also a packing list you will not read from us first.

The best tip for this is probably the simplest: In the end, only half of what you originally wanted, which is certainly enough.

For your information: This article is provided with a link to Zalando for which we were paid. The article was written by us and in terms of content there is no influence by third parties.

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