The parental consultation – an anthroposophical education counselor

The parent consultation hour – an anthroposophical education counselor

Educational Guide: The Parent Counseling

With 450 pages, the parent consultation hour is a real brick compared to the education counselors that I otherwise read. But I’ve decided to always read a book completely before I discuss it. So you had to wait a while for that.

From the pile of my review copies, I have now herausgegrfiffen the parent consultation, because I have been busy for a long time with babies. At the same time kindergarten children are at least as exciting in their stages of development. But actually all parents find help in the parents’ counseling session, but this guide is rather about very big topics of education. For example:

  • fatherhood
  • single parent
  • anxiety
  • Nonverbal education
  • Agression
  • ADHD

The book has an interesting structure. The Pediatrician Dr. med. Michaela Glöckler gave lectures for parents who deal with very narrow topics. Following each lecture there was a question and answer session. These events were later written and now form the basis for this parenting guide. The individual topics are, I think, very precisely set out. So there is first a more scientific lecture and then to each chapter the questions of the parents, whereby the topic is once again put into the perspective of everyday life of families and education. I feel I have better understood the different ideas and explanations.

Parent consultation: topics from the educational guide

Some chapters have bulky headlines, but that does not necessarily deter you. But it sometimes happened that I did not understand whole paragraphs. For example, I had major problems with the chapter “The connections between the mental activity and the regeneration and growth activity of the organism” which may also be due to the fact that after long days with two toddlers I have reached for this book and partly already my eyes have fallen while reading …

In the parent consultation there are many aspects and suggestions that you can think about for a long time. Here are a few of them I put together briefly so that you have an idea of ​​what mental spaces this book opens:

  • How important good habits are. Food and bedtime should alternate and be clearly separated. This is good for the development of the organs during childhood and thus promotes resilience.
  • Thoughts on dealing with anxiety at different ages.
  • How conscience forms and how parents and caregivers can help shape it. Taking consequences instead of punishment is an important element here.
  • The non-verbal education chapter has been the one that bothered me most and has also sparked an interesting debate about education with my husband.

Anyone who follows this blog for a while knows that I’m very busy with prenatal diagnostics. But actually I am more concerned with the subsequent question of disability and its possible meaning. This topic is also discussed in the parent consultation in various places. But this is more about the great context of rebirth and about experiencing a maturing of the soul in the course of the different lives in this world. I can only assume that these thoughts could be comforting for parents of disabled children, but I do not want to predict that. However, I believe I have found an explanation for myself in this book as to why I was never afraid of having a disabled child.

You see: The parent consultation is not suitable for “reading away”. This is a reference work or a book for long hours of leisure. I imagine that this book is given to parents watching over their child’s bed.

I myself am a Waldorf student and have a rough overview of the ideas of anthroposophy. Anyone who has never heard of it could find it difficult to deal with the chapters on angels or rebirth. But I think that here an insight into new worlds of thoughts can also be regarded as an enrichment.

The parent consultation hour of Dr. med. med. Michaela Glöckler has been published by Verlag Urachhaus and costs € 25.00. We thank the publisher for providing a free review copy.

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