The perfect interior design in the daycare

Activity – communication – success – security – movement – care: All of these are terms that should characterize a free play and correspond to the children’s needs for free development. By designing the space and the free play time, you as the kindergarten teacher make it possible for your children.

In order for this to succeed, there are a few points to consider. Below you can read what you should consider when choosing your game materials and interior design.

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Also note the choice of materials when designing the room

The kindergarten catalogs offer materials in abundance. Much of it is characterized by easy-to-adopt game ideas with sophisticated educational impulses. But why all these many pre-made ideas? It has been proven that children learn best when they do it according to their own ideas and free choice of materials. Especially in free play you should take this into account by:

  • offer many "unfinished" materials (e.g. "worthless" material such as cardboards, tubes, boxes, various handicraft materials such as various papers, wallpaper books, scissors with different blades, construction and design material without specifications as well as natural materials such as stones, sticks, chestnuts, cones),
  • design the play areas quite openly, so that in addition to the classic role-playing games (e.g. father-mother-child), other role-playing ideas can also be realized there. You can also achieve this with little game material. Specifically, this means e.g. B: The previous one
    Doll corner with kitchen furniture, dishes and Co. is covered by pieces of clothing, towels, natural materials and the like. Ä. added,
  • exchange the repertoire of materials regularly. Some toys go to the basement for some time, others are taken out and offered for it.

What is your interior design like??

So flexible like you Game material should also be your room design. This includes enough retreats that include blinds and curtains to darken the room if necessary. (Handicraft) works freely designed and designed by the children complete the wall decoration.

All of this makes the group room for children an experience space: role-playing games are made even more exciting and lively and the creativity of the children is stimulated when they design.

How much say do your daycare children have??

The group room should be the room of the Be children. Support the children in thinking about their wishes for the room and its design: what do the children need for their play, which room layout do they like?

In addition, children should be allowed and allowed that part of the space may be redesigned or rearranged for their game ideas and purposes during the free spin. In a self-test, which we provide in our free area, they find out, how many of these points you already implement and where you can possibly optimize something.


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