The perfect picnic with the whole family

The perfect picnic with the whole family

With the spring, the sun shines longer behind the low clouds and the temperatures are slowly rising again. The time for a cozy picnic with the family starts slowly but surely. There are a lot of things that you can consider to make the perfect picnic successful. From the picnic spot, packing a picnic basket, to gadgets that can make a picnic with your family special. So you enjoy the classic right!

Equipment: pack the “picnic basket”

For the picnic, of course, the equipment is very important. Since a successful picnic rarely takes place in your own garden, the demands on the equipment are completely different. The cliched times with picnic basket under the apple tree barely meet the requirements of a modern picnic with the family. Cool boxes today are an important part of the equipment, which brings many advantages. Food, such as meat or dairy products, whose cold chain should not be interrupted, rely on the cooling of the boxes. Especially on longer trips, the cooler can be beneficial. In addition to susceptible foods but also drinks can be stored in a cool box, which can be very pleasant especially in summer.

Such coolers are available in different versions. Older coolers work with good insulation and cooling blocks, which were previously cooled down in a freezer or in the freezer compartment. Of course, this cooling can not be maintained permanently and so today there are coolers that can be powered by electricity, either with 230 volts or with 12 volts. So the operation in the car is easily possible. At the same time, the boxes can also function as a picnic basket. The capacity can even come in the area of ​​a small refrigerator, so that plenty of food and drink for the whole family can be taken.

Which things are missing? Of course, a comfortable and sufficiently large blanket is also part of the shared family picnic. Often, these are coated on the bottom, so as not to let dirt and moisture through. Furthermore, this coating is used for insulation. Of course, a thick blanket can also be used. Great idea: collecting meadow.

Where: The right place for a picnic

The right place for the family picnic is of course very important. There are some places that are suitable for this. There are nationally designated camping and picnic areas where a picnic can be organized. The common barbecue with the children is usually allowed in these places. It can be a bit stricter with not designated, but otherwise free places. As a rule, open fires must not be lit near forests, sometimes even in limited fireplaces. In the vicinity of lakes, however, the campfire or the gas grill is usually permitted or tolerated. Nevertheless, inquire about the rules of conduct at the respective lake.

Delicious: what snacks and food for the picnic

Which food and snacks are prepared for the picnic depends entirely on the taste and the location. Picnic without cooking, with preparation or barbecue on the spot? If the barbecue is allowed, then a grill can also be treated like a picnic, just with a swivel, white sausage or kotletten. Something special: Grilling stick bread. If you opt for a classic, old-fashioned picnic, then the sandwiches are the food of choice. With white toast bread and different toppings, the taste of each family member can be met. Of course, finger food is also a great idea. Also suitable are olives, which usually do without refrigeration and are available at the counter in the grocery store as well as in canned food. In addition, salads and fresh fruit and vegetables are suitable for an outdoor picnic.

Delicious for a picnic? You have ideas? Discuss with us on Facebook and give other readers tips on how to pack their picnic basket.

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