The perfect school – that’s what parents, children and teachers say

The federal states repeatedly argue about what the perfect school should look like. But the real experts are rarely heard. We asked those who need to know.

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Many of us have heard of the perfect school dreamed of. We, these are Children, parents, teachers, politicians, employees of institutions and associations … The list is long and the ideas are infinitely, infinitely different. But an ideal picture connects them all: A school where respected every child becomes.

What makes the perfect school for me

Franz (10 years, 5th grade high school):

A good school needs one for me green and large school yard. Moreover nice high school students, who are always helpful when you’re in trouble as a fifth grader. Nice teachers, the exciting lessons are great. For example, we have built a styrofoam hover force model for TUN (technology and natural sciences). There was the issue of air.

It is also important that there is one good learning atmosphere gives. That means that it is not bad if you make a mistake or say something wrong. That the classmates then don’t make fun of it and neither did the teachers. Then you dare something. The Toilets need to be clean otherwise it’s really gross! With the Learn iPad to be able to do that would be mega. But we don’t have that. I also think that Taste lunch in the school canteen got to. And the canteen staff should be nice.

Nicole Tschirner, mother of two children (11 years and 14 months) and blogger (

In my eyes, the perfect school consists of several pillars, on which parents, pupils and teachers have to participate equally. So strictly speaking it is a Community project.

First of all, I want to mean mine Children just in good hands know, because after all they spend a considerable part of their childhood and youth in a school facility. I Wishes me she with all her Strengths and weaknesses accepted and not only from other classmates, but also or especially from teaching.

For me, a perfect school is a school in which care is taken that it is a peaceful coexistence gives. A facility where you help weaker students instead of denouncing them. I think learning and most of all self-determined learning can only take place in a context in which the children absolutely safe, secure and in good hands feel. For this reason, hires trusting teacher-student relationship for me the basis of effective and sustainable learning.

The perfect school is for me an institution where teachers take my kids there support you to learn independently and promote your own curiosity, instead of suppressing it. Can only in such an environment Growing up children confidently and later find their individual way and place in our society.


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