The quality guidelines of expert24

Our quality guidelines

Here writes:

Oliver Schmitt-Haverkamp
Founder and CEO

What does Expert24 stand for??

Expert24 is a comparison portal that provides its customers with affordable and high-performance insurance and financial products. We want to provide consumers with guidance and help them decide on an oversupply of tariffs and products. We have committed to comply with five quality guidelines.

independence & neutrality

Expert24 works 100% independently and independently, which means that neither insurance companies nor other companies are involved in Experte24. Therefore, we are not bound by the sales specifications of external companies like many other comparison portals or brokers. Instead, we can respond individually to the wishes and requirements of our customers and find the appropriate rates.

Price guarantee & Discounts

We guarantee that the contributions come directly from the insurances without additional surcharges. In some cases we have been able to negotiate discounts of up to 15% with insurance companies and thus offer you cheaper products than our competitors.

Maximum transparency

It is not enough for us to conclude the best rate for you. It is equally important to us that you understand why a particular tariff is particularly suitable for you. Our computers are therefore always up to date and easy to understand. In addition, we offer you a comprehensive range of information, consisting of guidebooks, our own market comparisons, profiles of insurance companies brokered by us, as well as glossaries and questions & reply.

Experts for every department

We value expert advice based on expertise. Experte24 works exclusively with trained insurance clerks who are available for questions or advice. You can reach our experts flexibly either by phone, e-mail or chat.

Free comparison

The service of Expert24 is completely free of charge for you as a customer. The commission, which every insurance broker receives for the mediation of insurance, is already included in the tariffs by the insurance companies. Therefore, after taking out insurance via Experte24, you only pay your own tariff fee, there are no additional costs for the placement.

additional Information

Why expert24?

Expert24 is a comparison portal for insurance and financial products, which not only guides you from the first information to the final decision, but is also always available for further questions and advice. In this way, we not only offer you the option of insurance and financial comparison, but also numerous opportunities to inform yourself about the individual products or to seek advice from our insurance experts.

How did Expert24 come about??

In 2006, as a trained bank and insurance merchant, I founded the portal as an online fund broker. By waiving the sales charge, a kind of service charge demanded by all market entrants, customers could buy funds cheaper than ever. With Fondsexperte24 the foundation stone for the brand Expert24 was laid.

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