The right dental care for children

The right dental care for children

baby‘s mouth is free of bacteria after breastfeeding or bottles. The palate and gums can be cleaned with a cotton swab, special cloths (e.g. Oral Care Rabbit from MAM) or a finger toothbrush made from silicone (e.g. from reer). From the first tooth, parents should start brushing their teeth.

Well scrubbed: toothbrushes for children

Toothbrushes (e.g. from elmex or Massaging Brush from MAM) are suitable for cleaning the first milk teeth. Special children’s toothbrushes with soft bristles, a small brush head and a non-slip, child-friendly handle are ideal for dental care for children. Short, soft bristles are good for the first milk teeth. If all milk teeth are there, longer bristles can be used, or brushes with bristles that are higher on the side and lower in the middle.
Electric toothbrushes for children are recommended from the age of three. Please refer to the information provided by the manufacturer. When using an electric toothbrush, it is nevertheless advisable to introduce the child to the simultaneous use of a manual toothbrush. Because children can only get a feel for brushing their teeth with a manual toothbrush. Around the age of 8, children can use normal adult toothbrushes.

children have chosen the toothpaste with the princess or the mouse themselves, brushing their teeth is often more fun." Rule of thumb: A pea-sized amount of children’s toothpaste per brushing process is sufficient.
By the age of 2, it is sufficient to have the milk teeth once a day to clean. After that, they should twice daily be cleaned. The earlier parents get their child used to regular dental care, the easier it will be for them to brush their teeth and the healthier their teeth will be. Important: So that the first milk teeth stay healthy, parents should make sure to give their children as little sweet and sour as possible.

Dental care products for children

Step 1: occlusal surfaces
First, Huschi brushes back and forth on the chewing surfaces. It starts on the right side, first below, then above. Then it comes to the left side – first below, then above.

Step 2: exterior surfaces

Then Huschi learns how to properly brush the outer surfaces of the teeth. And this is how it works: Huschi uses his brush to draw circles on his teeth. First again on the right side – from the back to the front. Then on the left – from the back to the front. Then she grits her teeth and also brushes her incisors.

Step 3: interior surfaces
Finally, Huschi learns how to properly brush the inside of the teeth – below and above. It starts with the back teeth and brushes from gum to tooth – from red to white.

With children regularly to the dentist

Experts recommend the first visit to the dentist for babies between the ages six and nine months. At this time, the first front teeth are visible or break through. The dentist discusses the child’s nutrition and dental care with the parents, can recognize the parents’ mistakes and thus counteract damage to the first milk teeth.
About the age between 16 and 18 months, or after breaching the molars, the 2nd dentist appointment for children is recommended. As soon as all milk teeth have completely erupted, parents should with their child check every six months go to the dentist. Regular visits to the dentist help the child understand the importance of prophylaxis and dental care.

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