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0-12 months

The world is at your feet, but not every travel destination is suitable for the little ones. If you are traveling with babies or toddlers under the age of three, we recommend countries in Western Europe such as Spain, Italy or France – also Greece works well. This way you avoid long flight times and high heat loads. Turkey is always worth a trip, but especially not recommended for babies. Diarrhea is relatively common in the region.

From 12 months

There is more choice as soon as your child is older than twelve months. Then we recommend Club holidays in well developed areas around the Mediterranean. This has the great advantage that you do not have to worry completely about leisure activities. Animators and a wide range of sports offer an entertaining children’s program – note the age information in the offers.

From 3 years old

From a medical point of view, it becomes even easier once their children are three years old. Vaccinations and possible malaria prophylaxis are usually possible without restrictions. Holidays in are ideal Holiday resorts, which usually offer a good hygienic standard. In addition, the food and drinks within the resort are well tolerated even in distant countries.

Be careful when traveling to exotic countries

Tropical trips are for children under five Years not generally recommended. The little ones scurry around a lot and want to explore their surroundings. Unfortunately, their awareness of hygiene and danger is not yet so well developed – and that harbors dangers.
Remember: Your children have a strong urge to move. That should You absolutely take into account when planning your trip. Long flights, bus trips or round trips are therefore less suitable for family vacations. Make sure that the holiday destination is not too far away, because air travel of more than eight hours and a considerable time difference can take the little ones with you.

Tip: Treat yourself to an all-inclusive family vacation. In child-friendly hotels, club complexes and resorts, professional childcare and children’s entertainment, a varied range of sports and leisure activities, swimming fun in the pool and special children’s menus are among the priceless extras for your family vacation. This guarantees great opportunities for the children and undisturbed time for the parents. In addition, there are no more financial surprises.


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