The role of cough mucus in colds & bronchitis

Cough mucus is used to clean the respiratory tract. If an unnatural amount of cough mucus or sputum is formed, this can be a sign of a respiratory disease. The most common diseases are cough in the context of a cold, acute bronchitis, asthma, allergies, tuberculosis or lung diseases.

Productive cough for colds and bronchitis.

A cold and bronchitis are almost always accompanied by a cough. As a rule, a disease of the respiratory tract begins with irritable cough, which then turns into coughing mucus. This cough with mucus develops because the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract increasingly secrets viscous mucus. The cough mucus not only hinders breathing, it also creates ideal conditions for the spread of bacteria.

Slimy cough with sputum.

The body wants to free itself from the excessively formed cough mucus. If this succeeds, doctors speak of productive coughing, i.e. coughing with sputum or sputum. The mucus ejected has different colourings. In acute bronchitis it often has a yellowish-green colour. A sputum, however, does not only occur during an illness, but is also caused by other causes, such as smoking.

Valuable medicinal plants, powerful effect – that’s what Aspecton ® is all about.

Knowing what causes cough mucus and coughing mucus:

  • Viral inflammation of the mucous membrane, e.g. in acute bronchitis
  • Acute bacterial infection, e.g. pneumonia or cystic fibrosis
  • Bacterial infection in healing, e.g. in pneumonia
  • Lung diseases such as actinomycosis and tuberculosis
  • Heavy smoking

Important note:

The mucus cough or productive cough has a protective function. It should be promoted by taking cough expectorants so that the viscous mucus can be coughed up better. Recommended are plant-based cough solvents, e.g. with thyme!

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“For risks and side effects read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist”.

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