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The two of us, Nina and Laura – mothers of three children each – cannot say that we get our wild pack to bed every evening without any problems. But we can say that we have some experience with the subject. We have tried different ways: from the gentle method with a lot of ringing and Lalelu to the "Miss Rottenmeier variant" with the door closed and the mouse off. Today we want to tell you about our kids putting routines to bed. Maybe we inspire a few parents or just show that even experienced mothers often just have to give up.

Nina’s five ways to put children to bed

The fascinating thing about the human brain is that at some point it simply displaces bad, unpleasant or nightmarish things! So I really had to think for a long time about how our children put to bed routine (routine I laugh at myself!) Looked almost 1 1/2 years ago. The boys were 1 year old and Lisa 2.5 years old. And I can say that it was not really dreamlike in the evening! Especially when the man still had to work. I just sprinted from bed to bed regularly and mostly fell into a comatose sleep between 9:00 p.m. or later! But hey, this time also passes for everyone ;-)

Here are my top 5 places to put three toddlers in bed:

1. Read into a sleeping coma

For this variant you have to be in top shape yourself, otherwise you will surely fall asleep in front of the children. When sleeping coma read it is especially important to read SEEEHR monotonously and not to build suspense! Out of ten attempts, this method has not worked exactly ten times so far, but I’m an optimist ;-)

2. Another episode of Sandman

Hahaha! Do you fall into it regularly? There are three cute children with huge, big googly eyes in front of me “Mamaaa biiiiitte. Another episode of the Sandman! "" Ooookay dear children, but really only ONE and then you promise me that everyone will go to bed and sleep! "" Yeah yeah mom, I promise! "So I fall in there at least once a week! After all, the Sandman offers you a 10 minute break!

3. Nasty pacifier claw

As soon as I notice that the boys in particular just keep awake and climb out of bed, I come up with a very nasty method, the pacifier theft! As soon as the small The bad mom comes to make goblins fooling around and steals the pacifier with the words "When you are awake you don’t need it or do you ?!" They usually throw themselves into bed very theatrically, close their eyes as if they were sleeping and open their mouths for the pacifier.

4. The repetition method

It runs really well and always succeeds in the end! I just go into the room every 2 minutes between 8 and 9 a.m. and send the kids back to their beds. If that doesn’t work, I’ll add number 3 "Fieser Schnullerklau". And hey, mostly I have success after trudging into the room 30 times! ;-)

5. The man must straighten it out method

If nothing works at all and the children are already bouncing on my nose during the day, I send the man with the words "Honey, will you take over please? You can just do it much more confidently! ”Then I quickly run to the refrigerator, grab a glass of white wine and move to a place where I can no longer hear anything!

And hey we can all look to the future with optimism, because at some point they will sleep from 18 years at the latest alone a, so if they still sleep in their own beds. schluchz!

Laura’s five ways to get kids to bed

Again and again I swear by the clear announcements and regularly fly on the muzzle. In front of me are two well-behaved children, four and six years old, with brushed teeth and fresh pajamas. I say kindly but firmly: “First everyone can choose a story, then I read it out. Then there are five minutes of massage each and then there is a layer in the shaft, Kapito? ”Four eyes clink and two heads nod in agreement. Then I read and massage, distribute kisses and go out. Then I hear Luise: "Mom, scratch your back!" I say no and point to my clear announcement. No child can remember that! Luise insists on rubbing her belly, warming pillows, telling Hansel and Gretel once and then painting numbers on her back. In that order.

The best prerequisite for bringing children to bed is probably tired and broken children. For this, parents may tickle the wild brood before falling asleep after being chased through the apartment for a few minutes. In particularly tough cases, that’s not enough and there is still a water fight in the bathtub or a half-hour evening hike. The main thing is that the eyes close at the first lines of "The moon has risen". Unfortunately, it rarely works for us.

3. Sing what it takes

Works amazingly well again and again, but requires a safe singing voice. We have the good old song book with the old villains like "Entchen von Tharau" or "Rund sind die Felder" are lying next to the beds and then sing as in old times until the moon rises and the duvets are covered with nails. Anton also plays the flute, because he hits notes when singing worse than Luise hits the glass when pouring.

When I’m in the mood for an excessive childrens routine, I take out the massage oil and a self-sewn linseed pillow with a unicorn pattern and invite to a horse and soccer massage. For this, Luise lies on her back and I massage the same. To do this, I trample my back (running horses), pluck grass with my fingertips (eat horses), stroke my skin with my palms (cuddle horses) and do other massage chichi. Then Luise lies on her back and I put the flax seed pillow over her eyes, on which I previously dripped the scent of orange. The whole thing for Jimmy with the topic of football, because he always finds horses stupid and "uck".

5. Stay out with grandma

Bring ingenious children to bed-tip for children who like to sleep with their grandmother: call mother, announce Jimmy, drive enthusiastic child over, go home and are happy that only two little ghosts have to be put to bed. Doesn’t work for the others, because severe attacks of homesickness make it necessary to pick them up at night.

And, could we give one or two new tips? Or did you smile a little? We are excited to hear your kids put to bed stories. Even mothers of three children can learn a lot, a lot, that concerns bringing children to bed. Good night, your Laura and Nina from TODAY IS MUSIC


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