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For the four-year-old daughter of the book family, the school is a very magical, exciting place that she would love to visit immediately. Every year Kita friends say goodbye to school and especially then she loves playing, she is a school child herself. She throws her backpack over, improvises a school bag (usually the universal shoehorn) and starts walking.

Since winter she has not only played, she is a school child. She also plays, she gets a magical animal at school. The sweet turtle Henrietta or the fox discount. In this case, these ideas come not only from the small creative child’s head, but from her new favorite book series: The School of Magical Animals *.

The plot of The School of Magical Animals

The smart, hardworking girl >

A magical animal can speak to its human companion and is immediately very attached to it. Ida is one of two children who are given a magical animal shortly afterwards. She gets the fox discount and her schoolmate Benni gets the little turtle Henrietta. The children are very quickly a heart and a soul with their animals. Together they can solve a riddle right away, namely why it suddenly smells so horrible in the school building. When someone tries to blame Benni for this, they have to come up with something.

Calendar art at the request of the tall child

Loving animal friends

The story of Ida and Benni is only the first part of a series that has already included ten volumes. And finally the vacation spinoff volumes are not counted. Among other things, the books have in common that the children immediately develop a very loving, close relationship with their animals. Our reading child liked that very much and she wanted to get her own magical animal immediately. With slightly larger children, you can think about which magical animal would go well with them. In addition, each volume has an interesting framework story that pursues several children and often solves a little puzzle.

The children are pleasantly different and easily recognizable in the books. There are different family and social conditions: single parents, married couples, separated parents, only children, many children, rich, impoverished. A child’s hearing impairment is also addressed.

The audio books

Radio plays on Spotify

The audiobooks in the series are very popular with us. On the one hand there are the radio plays from the Silberfisch Verlag. These are also available on Spotify. The characters all have their own voices, even if the school children are not spoken by very young children. But that doesn’t bother our little listener, because the speakers are really good. The first three volumes are already available as radio plays, the next three will be released this year.

And then there are the audio books spoken by Robert Missler. They have also been published by Silberfisch Verlag. These are also nice because he plays all voices differently. We curl ourselves every time he speaks the imaginary Helene. The first 9 volumes have already been set to music, volume 10 will be published this year.

These audiobooks are always a pleasure for our audiobook fan at home. They have already saved us one or two long car journeys.

The school of magical animals is a really nice story. School children can identify most with it. However, our four-year-old already loves the books and they increase the anticipation for school enrollment. The book series receives 5 out of 5 book hearts from us.

An addition from June 2018: Marsha from mother&Söhnchen conducted an interview with Margit Auer and found out that the first film of the School of Magic Animals will be released in cinemas in 2020!

Reminds of …

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Information about the book

publishing company Carlsen
author Margit Auer
illustrator Nina Dulleck
Publisher audio book & radio play Silverfish
Speaker audiobook Robert Missler
Our age recommendation Possible from 3 years, optimally from 6 years
On Amazon to buy The books * | The audio book * | The radio play *


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