The smell of fresh bread – baking bread at the paulinarium


High above Ludesch, on the “Terrace of Walgau”, stands the 360-year-old Walserhaus that is owned by Pauline Burtscher and her husband Reinhard. This is the place where she kneads and shapes bread – and she’ll teach the traditional craft to anyone who wants to learn it.


The fire in the oven crackles quietly. The wood hisses and snaps, the embers glow red and orange. Gray smoke streams from the chimney into the white snow-covered winter landscape. The warmth and smell of freshly baked bread Pauline as she opens the oven’s cast-iron door. “Nothing is as good as that smell,” the passionate baker says. “My mother always baked bread. And the memories never left me. “She and her husband bought the old timber from the Walser style along with the stables on the Ludescherberg in 2001. The building’s dark wooden door with wrought-iron handle and old-fashioned bell a little like a little witch’s cottage. “Yes, I’m a big fan of fairy tales,” says Pauline laughing. She especially likes the figure of Mother Hulda.

A passionate baker: Pauline Burtscher shares her knowledge in courses

Pauline only bakes with good ingredients. She sources her flour from the region – and she’s acquainted with most of them.

There’s a girl in that fairy tale who’s shouting: “Oh, get me out, otherwise I’ll burn! I was ready to go! “Pauline was so taken with these lines she had a wood-burning oven built in her garden. She regularly bakes her bread creations in it. “I never have a recipe,” she says, “a little bit of this and a little bit that – it’s all right.” She just weighs the ingredients for those who take bread-baking courses so they can recreate the same breads at home. The trained cook sources She does not have a favorite type of flour. “I use all kinds: spelled, wheat, rye, barley, oats and even buckwheat – the main thing is that it has to be very high quality. I prefer it when I know the farmer personally. “

Pauline about her philosophy // Video: Fux & Hare; Music: Philipp Lingg

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Her most important rule for baking? Good bread takes time. People never had much in the past. That worked because they gave the dough time. “Today people use a lot of yeast to make the dough rise faster. But it means that the bread wants spoil faster. “It’s just that philosophy of bread-baking that Pauline tries to convey to the people attending her courses. But it’s not always about bread. If they’re interested, then Pauline’s friends wants to show them how to weave baskets or take them out on walks to discover the world of herbs.

Giving the dough time: The loaves of bread are allowed to rise in fermentation baskets before they are put into the oven

Joining in: Pauline’s courses usually fill up quickly; she also arranges additional dates for groups

Baking bread is not just about kneading. So you can enjoy the peace and quiet.

She holds her courses in the old stables, which today have been translated into a place where she can teach: the Paulinarium. It was extensively renovated and glazed on the interior to preserve the original look. “I definitely wanted to reintegrate the old wood,” says Pauline, “old buildings have a soul. Preserving the old is the real art, “she believes. “Anybody can do new.”

Old buildings have a soul. Preserving them is the real art.

The stable was extensively renovated and glazed on the interior to preserve the original look.

Pauline’s courses are not only about baking bread, not even when she’s kneading dough. So you want to feel at ease up here. “I want to forget the stress of their everyday lives and focus on shaping and kneading,” says Pauline. She simply loves doing what she’s doing: “I’ve only spent 17 years.”

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