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idea for the paspberry pi: CD changer replacement

In my new car was also a car radio, an becker traffic pro. An older but still chic device and fits well with the car. Apart from that the navigation is a nice feature. Until now I had used a car radio from sony with a USB port in which a stick (chen) with music and a bluetooth receiver to stream music from smartphone in the car. The becker is missing the USB port completely and the AUX port is connected to a CD changer.

Since I want to keep the becker radio as I said came to me the thought instead of the CD changer a raspberry pi to connect. And properly, inconspicuously in the background.

Whether a signal arrives via bluetooth should be quite easy to determine via the level, more difficult is the connection to the radio or the changer. Whose control.
The connection itself would be via the AUX input no problem, but then you would need an extra control for the pi and even if it would be in color, colorful and touch I do not like to stick a separate display for it in the cockpit. The Must visit somehow go over the radio .
The CD changer control from becker is a variant of sonys unilink protocol for which there is a linux library. And here michael has already taken a closer look at it.
The goal is clear, the approach is there. I’m afraid, however, the concrete implementation will exceed my time resources. But I don’t want to start burning my car music on cds and a display in the cockpit would be visually a nuisance and might be more expensive than the rest. I have to think about it further. Do YOU have an idea?

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Patrick on wednesday, 20. January 2016 :

I just came across your blog entry while searching for the AUX -in use of the becker traffic pro. I have a similar setup in mind, but with touchscreen. nevertheless it is attractive to be able to control the pi also directly from the becker, if one does not have the tabelt times in the cockpit hang. For music that would be perfectly sufficient, although I had so far not at all in focus.

The tablet I have as fancier navi and at the same time as control for the onboard entertainment of the kids in the back in use. With bubbleupnp and VLC I can send the kids a movie from the front to the tablet. These are on an external disk on the pi. Yesterday, after six weeks of waiting, my power supply finally arrived from the USA (mausberry), which shuts down the pi properly when the ignition is turned off. Let’s see if i dare to install it with the current temperatures on the weekend.

You already got further with the becker/raspberry? I will have a look at the links this evening.

I don’t have my configuration online yet, but I will link it here as soon as it is done – everything is documented.

Patrick, also year 74

Rowi on Saturday, 23. January 2016 :

In the meantime I have taken again distance from the solution. On the one hand, the control of the changer by the becker hakelt again and again and I do not know if it is the radio or the changer.
on the other hand, the operation of the becker annoys me so much that i can’t understand how such a device could be unleashed on the masses. The dynamic arrangement of the radio stations is simply dangerous for traffic. The transmitters that will be received will be abbreviated to 3 letters and always rearranged. the abbreviation is not always the same and the arrangement also changes depending on what is currently in the reception area, so that you have to flip through several pages (border area) with cryptic abbreviations to change stations – while driving!

as soon as the weather is more pleasant i will remove the becker and put back the sony from my previous car. I have the music selection on a USB stick and the radio stations stay where I put them.

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