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The content on this page is created by a small editorial team. The authors share their common passion for Southeast Asia. Most of them travel regularly and often for a longer period of time. Their experiences and best tips they share in their articles.

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Editorial Team

Stefan Diener

Stefan has traveled to Southeast Asia since 2006 and often spends several months there. In 2013, he founded Fascination Southeast Asia and since then has also written several eBooks and books on the subject (including the insider guide “555 Tips for Bangkok”). Between his travels he lives and works in Dusseldorf.

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Anna-Sophie Barbutev

After high school, Anna-Sophie traveled in a classic way with the backpack through Thailand. Since then, she has been raving about Pad Thai and carrying her favorite bag from Bangkok around. She studies cultural sciences and works as a freelance journalist.

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Christoph Bauer

Christoph has fallen in love with people, culture, nature and, of course, the Asian food on various backpacking trips through Southeast Asia. Alone, he travels today with wife Lisa and daughter Grete. If he does not hang around somewhere between Sri Lanka and Indonesia, he lives on the Southern Wine Route.

Sabine Geier

Sabine Geier has traveled to Southeast Asia for more than 10 years – first with her backpack and later as a tour guide on the Mekong and its riparian states. Above all, she is attracted by the contact with the people and their culture. Her big loves are Laos and Thailand.

Sandra Gruber

Sandra Gruber traveled through Southeast Asia with her backpack on her back for almost two years. She is especially interested in the people in the respective countries and has a preference for Indonesia. When she is not back on the road, she lives and works in Munich.

Nina Holtschneider

Nina lives in Frankfurt am Main and is also closely related to Southeast Asia. Her first trip to the region took Nina to Malaysia and Singapore in 2016. Since then she uses every opportunity to discover new countries and places in Asia. Nina especially teases nature, culture, climate and Asian food. You’ll find pictures and stories on the go on Nina’s Instagram page.

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Jasmine Krauth

When she arrived in Thailand for the first time in 2012, she immediately felt at home. From one temple to another, a noodle soup in between, or a scooter through nature – Asia will forever remain her second home. As often as the travel bag allows, Jasmin packs her backpack in Bühl, her home town in the Black Forest, to discover new favorite places.

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Lilith Mankel

Lilith likes to travel with her backpack. She loves to get to know different cultures, to explore landscapes and to sample the culinary diversity of Asia. Your heart beats especially for Thailand. She studies Asian Studies and learns Thai.

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Georg Schubert

Georg has been touring destinations in Thailand for many years. He is always drawn to the Isaan, where he goes off the tourist routes on a discovery tour. He has been blogging about his experiences, interesting places and topics such as craftsmanship and silk weaving villages on his own website for some time.

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Josie Schröder

Josie lives in Hamburg and lost her heart to Southeast Asia a few years ago. Her main job is in the office, but her passion is undiscovered places, unfamiliar food and, of course, taking pictures of everything. In addition to her great love of Bangkok, to which she always likes to return, she and her camera discover new things that she likes to report on every journey. You can find more pictures and stories of Josie on her Instagram page.

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Sophie Sperlich

Sophie spends most of her time studying in Lüneburg. Since moving to Taiwan for one year as part of a student exchange, she has moved to Asia. During the semester break she packs her backpack to pursue her wanderlust. Always with her friend is alias personal photo and videographer.

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