The team on the way to go blog

The team on the way to go blog

The team

Sometime in 2014, Katrin decided to start a blog about traveling. A few hours later the name was found MUCH ON THE ROAD. Secure the domain quickly and create the logo. As a graphic designer no problem.

Today and five years later, has more than 230,000 readers per month. I could not have imagined that in my wildest dreams.

For almost 4 years I run this blog full time. How to make money with it, I have written down for you here: Occupation travel blogger. Earn money with a travel blog.

The blog grew and grew. Friends like Hannah started writing articles about their travel experiences for the blog. At some point everything became too much for me. Travel, preparation and follow-up, answer e-mails and comments, edit pictures and provide travel reports online. Give interviews and so much more.

Support was needed, because who wants to work 24 hours a day? Although it’s a lot of fun, my private life is just as important.

The team found themselves by accident.

Initially, Hannah wrote only about her private travels. In her job as a consultant for online marketing & Social Media is unbeatable. Lyrics and finding the best foodie places she can do incredibly well. That’s why I was really happy when she decided to make a cut in the agency and since January 2019 supports MUCH UNDERWAY with full force.

I met Chris through a friendly musician with whom he played in the band. His love for good food, a passion for music and traveling are just as big as ours. As soon as a slot is released in his packed calendar, he travels around the world for MUCH GOOD. That he can write well Chris has already proven on many other online formats.

I met Dom on the Adobe Photo Night. With the words “I know your blog. I want to travel to your Inner Circle and with you, “he was quick. Through him I also met Philip. Dom’s words said, “Katrin, you need to meet Philip. He does amazing things with the drone. “He can also take pictures and videos. Meanwhile, the two photographers also dare to write and contribute not only their great pictures, but also one or the other travel report.

A wonderful team of meanwhile big friends has been created!

Katrin – the founder

Katrin founded the blog six years ago. What began as a hobby quickly became a full-time job. Meanwhile, is one of the largest travel blogs in Germany.

Katrin loves fancy travel destinations and likes to be near mountains, glaciers, wild animals or volcanoes.

Favorite targets: Arctic, Africa, South America.

Soon more Europe with its own van.

Hannah – the foodie expert

For a long time the online marketing specialist Hannah writes about her travels for It is the guarantee of our culinary highlights and supports with all digital topics.

She loves the sea, hot destinations, her Spotify account, good food and her bikes.

Favorite targets: New York City, Israel and all destinations with more than 25 degrees average temperature.

If you really want to torture them, put them in a kayak or let them sleep in the tent.

Philip – the ultimate adventurer

The professional photographer and filmmaker has also been writing for since 2019. Especially his tips for photography are worth gold.

If Katrin thinks her destinations have been canceled, Philip will be on top of it. The more exotic the destination, the more likely it is that Philip was already there.

Favorite targets: Wherever there are ice and active volcanoes. The more adventure the better.

Philip has a particular weakness for comics, urban art and live music and always brings his friends the funniest souvenirs.

Dom – photographer

Dom originally comes from fashion photography and loves urban environments. Especially Los Angeles, where he lived for some time.

Since he photographed and wrote for, his interest in landscape photography and timeouts in nature has been awakened.

Favorite targets: Main thing warm.

With a black coffee you can always make Dom happy, for the sake of a walk even a few meters on foot.

Chris – musician who discovers the world in a culinary way

Chris is a musician with heart and soul. He plays guitar, bass and piano. He is also the manager for a couple of well-known German artists and also writes songs himself. As a restaurant critic for the Sternefresser Blog he naturally loves food.

Travel is for him the best way to broaden your horizons.

Favorite targets: The mix does it. Chris just wants to see everything from the world, whether city trip or nature holiday, you can inspire him for everything.

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