The terrible effect of the peace sign, rapunzelturm

an urgent warning of the
sneaky peace symbol

You learn so much on facebook, for example that the peace symbol actually brings death! Hui. Someone must maliciously have the upright, life-giving Germanic "Algiz rune" ᛉ turned around with the "Yr Rune" ᛦ Spread death and doom! And all under the guise of peace. So the warning of the picture on the right.

So here is my commentary on symbols, duality, introspection, advancement and political propaganda.

Dangerous letters?

the "terrible rune of death" is the letter K
in this rune alphabet

When talking about deadly symbols, one thing should not be forgotten: runes are simply letters. Depending on the alphabet used, the ᛦ character stood e.g. for our k. That means: every time such an old German wrote a word (or his own name) with this sound, he used it "terrible symbol of death".

Runes also have a word meaning. ᛦ stands for Yew (rooting), or also for chalice. And ᛉ supposedly stands for "Moose". The magic of the Teutons was more boring than we would like?

But stop! We come to the deeper symbolism of the runes (which does not mean superficial mood making as in the graphic.). In the case of our Yr rune ᛦ there are e.g. here is a wonderful interpretation: "Grounding, rooting, going into the earth, manifestation regarding the material world, nature, going into the dark / unconscious, Yr way, the power of mother earth / underworld = inner world, power of women – female magic".

Exciting! Or here it says:
"The rune means Reflection and a look inside. It also stands for the death of the individual, but it is not seen as a death rune. Rather, it stands for the natural completion of a process that should not be seen as an extinction, but as the end of an era resulting in one spiritual transformation." (Q)

Interesting! These are all things that belong to our life (although of course you don’t exactly want darkness and unconsciousness). you can the e.g. interpret it so that "underworld" our subconscious is where the dark (repressed, unconscious) slumbers within us, which we do not get through the superficial mind (often called masculine), but rather through feeling and introspection (acceptance, feminine) in order to achieve transformation.

Surprisingly, you can do that with another symbol to compare, but where no one would think of demonizing it: the Heart:

The terrible heart symbol?

The heart does not only stand for the withdrawn "Light and love"-Gesäusel. On the contrary! It has a strong material component. At least on the relevant Internet pages it says that the heart was probably so successful because it symbolizes the female buttocks (you never stop learning!). See also Wikipedia. Together with the fact that the top of the heart is pointing down, it stands like no other symbol for dropping into ours human corporeality. It is the appropriate symbol for our millennia long Descent into the material world, where we get more and more into the 3D world of generation after generation "mother Earth" rooted, and almost completely forgotten our spiritual component.

To demonize that makes little sense, we would demonize ourselves. Because those are the things that make us special. It is we who have incarnated ourselves in matter, in the earthly world, in unconsciousness and in mortality – even according to the beliefs of the Teutons who believed in the migration of souls! And the idea that we are (still today!) On a wrong human path is as old as the myth of the fall of Eden.

upside down heart
as a symbol of
spiritual ascension

But all this is changing, because now we are talking about a time of Awareness Rise. And it is no accident that as The symbol for this is the upside down heart shows up, which is pointing upwards. This explains e.g. Sabine Wolf (in any video I can not find – if anyone knows please let me know), and also the spiritual teacher Adamus from the crimson circle:

"A spade is an upside down heart. Or rather, a heart is an upside down spade. The one pointing down Heart illustrates the descent into matter, the physicalization into the earthly world in biological form. The spade: climb, climb back. The two combine because now you have the experience of life on earth and now you are experiencing going beyond." (Q)

All this shows how arbitrarily something is rejected where it is comfortable, while of course the familiar is not questioned at all. This is ironic, because as the graphic says:

"inform yourself, because the symbolism does not matter whether you mean well or not. It works!"

The thought, of course, is funny that esotericists throw hearts at each other in their light-and-love postings and, without knowing it, drag themselves further and further into the matter.

But that’s nonsense anyway. I think of that "Power of symbols" rather little, at least if there are only 3 lines. The statement in italics itself is quite fatal, because it says: we are so weak and helpless, even a wrong line, a wrong rotation of a scribble can plunge us into ruin, and what our actual intention is does not matter. Without a glimmer we send mischief, and the recipient – even without a glimmer – is damaged for some reason. Quite a lot "unconsciousness", which is accepted there. And these are the same people who are so afraid of the unconsciousness that is supposed to be in the symbol! These are all projections that say something about the speaker himself. You can see how that own power is denied and given to the outside world, even on lines and circles on paper.

Creation prefers certain directions?

Wholeness vs. duality

(Q) (Q)

On the left is a poster from a small charming lecture on the alleged topic "Death Rune". In terms of content but not as sparkling, especially the conclusion (on the poster below left): "Solution: turn around".

Of course, the solution to our human problems is not to turn a drawing over. The solution would be to transform the symbolized things: the dark, repressed in us. But like C.G. Jung said: nothing is more difficult for us than to look at ourselves. That’s the actual problem. The "Suggested solution" is a projection again: It is we ourselves who constantly turn away and run away.

The symbol for perfection (3rd symbol) – the star , results if one be >
J. Krishnamurti also repeatedly emphasized that we do not want to look reality in the eye: the fact is: we are unconscious, confused, lost, hardened, etc. The Yr rune corresponds much more to our reality than we want to admit. At the same time we identify with the opposite, i.e. with our high ideals and wishes as if we had already achieved them. These twists themselves are the "Yr-tum", that divides perfection in half. Because that is how we go into opposition with ourselves.

Symbols are only signs

Symbols, words, pictures and other placeholders are a good excuse not to have to confront what is actually meant. It is much easier to blame someone: Who chose the symbol? Has anyone maliciously turned it over? Do they want to harm me? etc. This is reminiscent of medieval superstitions. "Black magic" is actually just a game from: "who dares to remind me of something I’m afraid of". However, symbols are only signs! We wouldn’t face a street sign either "Paris 10km", and admire it for hours instead of the actual city.

In the case of "peace symbol" the intention was a completely different one anyway:

The peace sign literally stands for "Nuclear disarmament"

the peace sign arises from
the letters N and D
in the "flag semaphore"

It consists of 2 letters from the "flag semaphore", a sign language of the seafarers, namely N and D for nuclear disarmament: nuclear disarmament (Q) (Q).

Yes, and the circle? Hmm. Alexander Wagandt, too, is one of the Symbol-Nörglers (Q, Q), this time on the occasion of the attacks in Paris, and thinks that the circle symbolizes holding on to energy, one spell (the one he shows above is leaking for unexplained reasons?), and puzzles over the crossbeam (which the Eiffel Tower has now), and of course it suggests an evil intention of conspiratorial forces, yawn.

But if you put it all together, you would not have to interpret the anti-atom symbol as follows: we cannot undo the discovery of atomic energy / atomic bomb – we can only try to keep, control and reduce this deadly potential we are not destroying nature, the earth and all of humanity. And that was always the purpose of the nuclear disarmament campaign.

But you can talk badly if you only want to. So what’s the reason for the artificial excitement?

Political propaganda meets esoteric kindergarten

Originally called "yew", a symbol of rootedness and solidarity with the earth, the Yr rune has been and will be from the Nazis as a counterpart to the “man rune” ["Lebensrune"] reinterpreted as "death rune". (Q) Both Names and their interpretation are purely fictional. (Q) The runes were made in the Nazi occultism accepted. Experts point out that this interpretation can in no way be derived from historical sources. (Q)


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