The ultimate list of 5 children’s bike seats for mountain bikes

"Every dad should know these 5 facts to go on a cool mountain bike ride with his child!"

1. Not every bike seat is suitable ?

Many parents wonder whether the children’s bike seat for mountain bikes is prohibited or allowed. The fact is that not every bike seat is suitable for mountain biking and therefore straßenverkehrsrechtlich is allowed. Because whether that Child in front or transported on the back of the bike depends on the seat and its attachment.

This article will answer the common question and give tips …

2. What should you pay attention to? What is legal ?

Even if a children’s bike seat is permitted for the mountain bike in the front, most parents prefer to transport their children in the rear area. But also a front-mounted one Child bike seat is safe, if the seat in front

ne for mountain bike is properly attached. There is a wide range of manufacturers who manufacture the models of children’s bike seats for mountain bikes for fastening in the front area.

High-quality and stable seats replace a bicycle seat in the rear area that cannot be attached without a luggage rack and therefore on a mountain bike. The following models are recommended for the frontal attachment on the bike and convince with high-quality properties that increase safety and, on top of that, enable convenient transportation.

Top 5 child bike seats for mountain bikes

    Wee-Ride Safefront front bike seat for mountain bike Hamax children’s bike seat Qibbel bike seat Polisport bike seat Rabbit children’s bike seat for mountain bikes

3. How do you recognize a high-quality children’s bike seat ?

Without a luggage rack, it is not possible to mount a child seat on the back of the bike. If you choose a model that is rated best in a bicycle seat without a rack test, you have to at the Transport of young people do not worry. Because every child’s bike seat for mountain bikes without a luggage rack has to pass numerous tests in the tests and will only be with one positive result evaluates if it proves itself and meets the highest challenges.

Many parents believe that a child bike seat is prohibited for mountain biking and that the child is primarily allowed to ride on a luggage rack seat.

But the reality

t looks different. Because no mountain bike has a luggage rack, which means that kids cannot do it without another solution to go on tour could. Important is, that you attach the child seat to mountain bikes carefully and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Everyone Children’s bike seat for mountain bike is designed for frontal attachment and offers not only security but also that constant look on the child. Smaller children in particular are calmer on bike tours because they are not behind their backs but in the parents’ field of vision. It is therefore incorrect information that a bicycle seat is prohibited in the front and that children may only be transported behind the back.

4. Bicycle seat without luggage rack: comparison and reviews

It is best to base your purchase on the comparison results, which should be given a very good rating. There a Children’s bicycle seat is allowed in the front, you can now use your K /> Take a mountain bike on tour and be away from busy roads. For rides in nature, use the mountain bike because you are safer on uneven ground.

Your kids will ride safely if you have one high quality children’s bike seat in front, designed for mountain bikes and top rated, assemble. The models listed in the article all passed with flying colors and are therefore ideal if you are looking for a front-mounted child bike seat for mountain bikes. alternative you can read reviews from other parents and find out whether the child bike seat is easy to attach to a mountain bike and whether the favorite seat is comfortable.

5. Announced by law – a child bike seat in the front is allowed!

Mountain bikers can breathe a sigh of relief. There is no ban on installing a child bike seat for the mountain bike without a luggage rack. It is important that you choose a model for frontal attachment and pay attention to the quality here. The attachment itself is simple and does not require any manual skills. The assembly and disassembly is easy with a few simple steps possible.

My recommendation, as can be seen in the pictures here, is the Wee-Ride, children’s bike seat for mountain bikes!

I still have the seats today and I am very satisfied with them…


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