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The current "GEOlino UNICEF Children Values ​​Monitor" allows insights into the world of German children and their parents. In addition to values ​​that are particularly important to the children, the monitor also asks about their fears and rights.

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  • Erika Bethke Associate Manager, Ipsos Connect

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As part of the research project "GEOlino UNICEF Children Values ​​Monitor" For the representative survey at the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014, a total of 1,012 children aged six to 14 years and their parents living with them were interviewed (2006, 2008 and 2010) (UNICEF 2010; UNICEF 2014). Because in the current study for the first time also the Fathers were interviewed to get a more complete picture of the family. The focus of the survey was, as in previous years, the determination of relevant values ​​and basic attitudes of children and their parents.

This article explores the questions of which different values ​​children guide, which are important to them and whether these values ​​have changed over time. It also looks at the parents’ perspectives and whether they differ from those of the children.

The entire article is available for download.

He is in "Future with children, future for children – The UNICEF report on the situation of children in Germany in a European context" published.
(Ed. Prof. Dr. Hans Bertram; Budrich Verlag, 2017)

The entire "GEOlino UNICEF Children Values ​​Monitor" Is there … here.


Author (s)

  • Erika Bethke Associate Manager, Ipsos Connect


Berlin pub talk on the subject "Homelessness – help and settle conflicts, just how?"

Helping the homeless better, there is broad agreement in society. But when a lot of homeless people are very visible in individual places in the city, conflicts arise. The situation at Pankow station or in the Tiergarten was discussed throughout Berlin.

Berlin Pub Talk: Do we need e-scooters? – digital, networked, mobile in the city

E-scooters have been available in Berlin since the beginning of June. Since then, criticism has been overturning. E-scooters are unsafe, environmentally hazardous and anti-social. The Small Electric Vehicles Ordinance (eKFV) is a good example of innovation-friendly legislation because it does not regulate everything down to the smallest detail right from the start. That’s working. Various sharing providers are on the market. Citizens can try out e-scooters. This creates additional scope for mobility that does not require cars.

Berlin Pub Talk: Facebook – better debates and less agitation, just how?

With Walter Lübcke, a politician has been murdered in Germany since the RAF era. Is the baiting in social Media co-triggers and consequently bear responsibility for the senders of hate messages and the social media platforms?

Ipsos @ re: publica 19

tl; dr? (too long, didn’t read) – that is the official motto of re: publica 2019. But not with us! Because as an official market research partner, we are factlovers!

Berlin Pub Talk on the subject of »Fighting shortages of housing – are the rental price brake and child benefit the right solutions?«

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