Theme party ideas for children’s birthday, plan children’s birthday

When there is another child’s birthday, the search for ideas for the child’s birthday begins.

different Theme party ideas are weighed against each other, shortlisted or rejected.

After all, your child should have an unforgettable children’s birthday party, but it still has to birthday party also match your options.

In order not to take over you personally or financially and instead to be able to enjoy the preparations and the birthday party yourself, it is extremely important that you get on with the Plan children’s birthday begin.

On birthday party is always something special for our little ones, but your own birthday is even more exciting. The anticipation is huge and many children can hardly wait for their birthday party.

Party mottos for children’s birthday parties

As a parent, you will probably be faced with many question marks in advance of how you can spoil your child on his special day and also help all friends to have a day of fun, excitement and surprises.

party themes were originally a trend in the USA, but have now also become fully established with us and are extremely popular with children. The good thing about this trend is that there are countless party themes, some of which will surely make your child’s eyes shine.

Surprise your child with one of the fun ones Theme party ideas, that are easy to implement and always bring a lot of fun and joy.

Or you can sit down with your child and consider together which party themes from your previously compiled list could give your child and his friends an unforgettable day.

Together the Plan birthday party and choosing the party theme ensures that your child will not be disappointed in this regard.

Of course, the selection of the topic is also based on the season, age and gender of the child.

However, adequate support must also be guaranteed and the available budget must also be paid to the party themes are taken into account.

The latter should not deter you, because even if your wallet doesn’t have too much budget for the birthday party, you can make the day beautiful with a little imagination and initiative and give your child an unforgettable experience.

Some really nice and above all exciting Theme party ideas I have put together for you below.

Theme party ideas for a unique day in your child’s life

Basically you can at Children’s birthday invitation already start to bring in the respective topic of the chosen party motto. This way, the invited friends can already get in the mood for the party motto.

If you have chosen the party motto together with your child, you can of course already together Tinker children’s birthday invitation or select.

On the one hand, the invitation text for the children’s birthday party can be creative based on the party motto, on the other hand, it must contain essential information such as the date and time, duration, location and, if necessary, suitable clothing and what else to bring.

Depending on the type of party themes you can also make the invitation mysterious, in order to promote excitement and anticipation for the children’s birthday party in advance, without revealing the actual party motto.

Party themes for toddlers (from 2 to 4 years old)

For the very youngest guests it is often easiest to plan a happy birthday and to entertain the children from the Freundeskreis. Colorful and happy party themes for small children are for example:

  • Farm party
  • Clown or circus party
  • SpongeBob party
  • Hello Kitty Party
  • Elf or fairy party
  • the very Hungry Caterpillar
  • butterfly Party
  • Ladybug party
  • Dino party
  • Balloon Party
  • ghosts Party

These are very nice ones Theme party ideas, which you can create with the children in a happy, colorful and imaginative way.

With the right decoration, you can take care of the outer frame in advance and the garden or the room accordingly party theme shape.

You don’t always have to buy everything for this, a lot can be made by yourself or you can use things from everyday life include, such as household sponges for the SpongeBob Party.

Also the Schokoküsse Party is a popular party motto for the little ones and children’s birthday games with chocolate kisses are very popular anyway.

And of course the popular chocolate kiss cake is a great birthday cake.

The Balloon Party is a classic among party themes and is still very popular with small children.

Large, colorful balloons look great, they can be used wonderfully as decorations, wonderful to tinker with or to organize countless children’s birthday games with them.

But there is one thing you should keep in mind: Balloons can be dangerous, especially for small children, if they burst near the mouth and a child breathes a shred. Therefore, children up to the age of years should never play with balloons without supervision.

Of course you can depending on party theme Even in the invitation, ask the children to dress appropriately for the topic or to bring certain utensils, there are no limits to your imagination.

The right music is also very important for the right party mood and should not be missing either.

Theme party ideas for children aged 5 to 8 years

The older children start with a somewhat more demanding task.

Because at this age the kids don’t feel small anymore and often want to have some action at their birthday party.

Now are party themes asked who are really cool. This included theme party ideas such as:

to the party themes, that inspire the children. Maybe you or a friend of yours are so adept at applying makeup to style the children according to the chosen party motto, so that the heroes of the comics and action series turn out to be guests and thus the played celebrities in their own 4 walls on the red Carpet can be presented.

If you then capture the whole spectacle with the camera, you can also hand in a small photo album to all guests afterwards and remain as a nice reminder of all your party mottoes.

You can especially boys with one of the sporty ones party themes excite.

The invited children can come disguised as soccer stars or as fans. If you have a garden, you can equip the birthday party like a soccer field and also prepare a small match with prizes.

A table kicker or a kicker machine can also provide the appropriate party motto mood in the apartment.

For the girls, the "Barbie World", "Princess Party" or "Hollywood Stars" is a very popular variant of a party motto in this age group.

Girls of this age love to dress up and put on make-up and thus slip into another skin. Because at this age there is nothing better than reinventing yourself, discovering and having a lot of fun.

This party themes always inspire because every girl already has an idol, which you can then incorporate into your party motto.

Party themes for children from 9 to 12 years old

In this category, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find suitable theme party ideas that will really inspire the children.

It is therefore extremely important here to plan the party themes also absolutely to think of you together with the birthday child.

Here are some Theme party ideas, find the children in this age group cool:

  • Outdoor pool or adventure pool
  • amusement park
  • pirates of the Caribbean
  • detective Party
  • Disco party
  • Gruselparty
  • Harry Potter party
  • Bowling party
  • Karaoke party
  • Slumber Party
  • night walk
  • GPS treasure hunt

A very modern topic is the "GPS treasure hunt", which can be carried out with GPS-supported mobile phones. With this you can challenge the children at the same time and by choosing the party themes also surprising contemporary.

The treasure hunt works in principle like the well-known variant: 2 teams have to reach a destination where a treasure or a surprise is waiting for them.

However, the children have to find the way using the geo-coordinates. Team spirit, coordination and logic are combined with a lot of fun and excitement.

I wish you lots of fun implementing one of these party themes and hope to come here with my theme party ideas pair suggestions given to make the next child’s birthday an unforgettable day for your children.


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