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Holistic dentistry seeks to not only consider the teeth and the surrounds of the mouth, but also the correlation between this region and the body as a whole. We specialise in the treatment of CMD (craniomandibular dysfunction), with the use of holistic methods. The teeth, bite and jaw combine together to form an extremely sensitive area that influences many other bodily functions.

With this in mind, it is not only important to consider that the teeth are holistically treated, but also the other holistic correlations between teeth and body

A focal tooth infection can create problems throughout the whole body and when left untreated, can also be the cause of chronic diseases.

Incompatible dental material can lead to widespread problems in other areas of the body. A distorted or uneven bite and CMD can have negative repercussions in the pelvic region for example, and as far as down as the feet.

Our patients receive a treatment attuned perfectly to their needs and will receive the full benefits from our co-operative network of doctors, alternative practitioners, physiotherapists, speech therapists and more.

There is a human being attached to a tooth, and with this sentiment at the forefront of our thoughts we actively use and promote holistic methods and treatments in our dental practice. We closely examine each individual’s problems and anomalies. By doing this, it permits us to specifically recognise symptoms and search for the causes for each particular problem we find. We diagnose craniomandibular dysfunction and treat it accordingly. We are able to test for focal infections, enabling us thereafter to effectively eliminate them. We maintain and base our treatments on the highest standards of modern dentistry.

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