There is an income limit for child benefit, hartz 4

So that minimum income for tax purposes of the child can be guaranteed, the state pays the child benefit to parents. This serves the primary care of children living in Germany. The entitlement already exists from the month of birth and can be exercised by a written application be paid by the family fund.

Child benefit: The income limit for children was clearly defined until 2012. Read below how high it is.

For underage children Entitlement to child benefit unconditionally. However, children of legal age must meet certain conditions in order not to lose their entitlement. Until 2012, this included child benefit Income limit of 8,004 euros.

Short & flush: the most important thing about child benefit and the income limit

  1. The ceiling for child benefit has not existed since 2012.
  2. Children of legal age are still entitled to child benefit if they have one recognized training status exhibit.
  3. Until 2012 the salary cap with child benefit 8,004 euros annually per child.

In this guide you will learn everything you need to know about child benefit and the income limit for children of legal age. Which income were included in the earnings limit for child benefit?

This is how high the income limit for child benefit can be

In 2012, the additional earnings limit for the child benefit abolished. Previously, this was included 8,004 euros annually. The child benefit claim for children of legal age in the education path.

In the case of child benefit, everyone was part of the income limit taxable income and remuneration of the adult child. The apprenticeship remuneration was taken into account in the age of majority. Students who BAföG received also had to make sure that they did not get the Verdienstgrenze for child benefit.

The additional earnings limit for child benefit has not existed since 2012.

Also a Additional Income part-time jobs counted towards the income limit for child benefit. Within the child benefit limit, everyone counted as income Surpluses, profits and losses, that of the tax must be dissipated. Posts for capital accumulation benefits Incidentally, they could not be deducted from income.

If the child benefit exceeded the salary limit, the entitlement to government benefit altogether. The child benefit, which has already been paid for the current year, had to be accordingly paid back in full become.

When do adult children receive child benefit?

Parents of underage children receive unconditionally Child benefit from the family fund. At least 192 euros per child paid to parents every month. However, children of legal age must have certain conditions fulfill so that the right to child benefit remains.

Until 2012, the child benefit income limit taken into account when deciding whether the adult child is entitled to child benefit or not. To what extent the child benefit claim until the age of 25 nowadays, is no longer about income but about Education status decided.

The family fund recognizes the following school forms for training or studying at:

Child benefit: During the training, a salary limit of 8,004 euros per year had to be observed.

  • General secondary school
  • Fachoberschule
  • Vocational college or vocational school
  • Cooperative Education
  • College or university
  • University of Applied Sciences
  • Company training

Should it be out illness or if there are interruptions due to maternity, the child remains claim to insist on child benefit. The income limit has not been taken into account since 2012. Child care hours such as parental leave, however, should not be assessed for interruptions. Accordingly, this does not apply here Child benefit.

Unemployed children are entitled to child benefit?

There are different reasons for one unemployment in young age. One of them is, for example, the unsuccessful search for an apprenticeship or study place. It is important that the child is serious about one apprenticeship has tried. This should be done by adult children applications can prove.

If the child is in a occupational guidance the job center or the employment agency, this counts as sufficient evidence of an unsuccessful effort. Children looking for work at the job center registered receive child benefit without an income limit until the age of 21.

This entitlement also exists if the child earns something extra with a mini job based on 450 euros. The child does his Basic military service, community service or a comparable service , the child benefit will also have no income limit up to the age of 21 granted.

When child benefit counts as income

If the child benefit was exceeded, the entitlement to the benefit lapsed.

Under certain circumstances, child benefit can also be considered as having no income limit Parents’ income to be viewed as. This is the case, for example, if the child has assets. So the State Social Court of Lower Saxony-Bremen in a judgment of October 15, 2015 [Az. L 6 AS 1100/15] decided.

In the said case, the parents moved in with the child Basic security services. However, since one of her children owned property, she was not entitled to social benefits. The job center considered this accordingly Child benefit as parents’ income, which reduced her entitlement to Hartz 4.

But the child benefit not only affects a child’s assets but also under other conditions requires reducing on Hartz 4 out. This is the case if the child lives with the parents in a community of needs and does not meet his needs by other means, e.g. B. Maintenance, can cover. In this case child benefit counted towards the child’s needs.

When does the child benefit claim end without an income limit??

Child benefit comes to an end at some point even without an income limit. At the latest with Completion of the 25th year of life The right to child benefit ends. Even after completing training or studies, the state no longer pays child benefit. Child benefit is only available after the age of 25 with no income limit paid when the child with special needs is.

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