These 10 types of drivers are a danger to humanity!

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I’m a careful driver myself. i understand and don’t honk abruptly if the car in front of me doesn’t manage to park right away. And I have no problem with a garbage truck blocking the road in front of me.

I only get a little abusive when one of the following ten types makes me angry for no reason at all.

1) the man with a hat

He is one of the absolutely legendary car driver types: contrary to popular belief, the driver with the hat does not only appear on German roads on Sundays. No, it can be expected at any time. He prefers to sit in a mercedes 200D from the eighties, has pulled a fur over his seats and rests in himself. Yet it is this calmness that is capable of driving other road users up the wall. Tip for the driver: take off your hat and peel off your fur! Otherwise someone else will do it!

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2) the right overhaul

of course, every small car driver feels great when he can overtake another, slower car for a change. It is also ok. according to the road traffic regulations this has to be done on the left hand side. But that doesn’t seem to bother those who like to maintain their speed of 80 on the highway and only overtake on the right in heavy traffic on all lanes. With pleasure also three times in a row and without batting an eyelid.

3) the everywhere-70-driver

one species that is not going to die out is the 70-km-per-hour driver. It is particularly unpleasant to meet him on the highway, where he makes sure with special fervor that traffic jams hundreds of meters long form behind him. This driver obviously has neither brake nor gas pedal, because even in the city the speedometer needle is stuck at 70 km/h. Pedestrians, watch out!

4) the driver with his eyes on the windshield

From the side, it is most interesting to observe other motorists. This pleasure is usually given to the passenger. He has a panoramic view of all those who steer their car through the chaos with their head against the windshield, highly concentrated. these people would never think of turning their heads and looking out the driver’s window. because, remember: the danger is always lurking in front of the hood.

5) the quick-as-a-fast-as-a-fast-as-a-fast-as-a-fast-as-a-fast-as-a-fast

You know the small car on the highway that has been following the truck at speed 80 for 50 kilometers. why does he have to accelerate to 85 km/h and veer off to the left at what feels like a 90 degree angle at the very moment you want to overtake him?? The chances are good that you will never know it.

6) the column jumper

If things are not going well on the highway, it’s time for the queue jumpers. While you are calmly waiting for the traffic jam to dissolve, there are two or three vehicles in sight that you have already seen once behind you, twice diagonally in front and once directly in front of you within the past 20 minutes. it’s been proven for a long time: this kind of driving doesn’t even benefit you – and the other drivers even less. Column jumpers prevent traffic jams from dissolving quickly.

7) the (notorious) middle lane driver

We all know them, the three lane highways with the very popular middle lane. Some road users obviously like to stay here too much. On the right, they may think, they can hardly get ahead because of the many trucks, on the passing lane it is much too dangerous. so why not just stay here in the middle? Answer: because it annoys the other drivers! So: please overtake and then turn right again! The golden mean is nonsense here!

8) the permanent brakeman

He is especially common on country roads, mostly on those with many curves. The driver obviously wonders every five meters what could happen if he wasn’t constantly on the brakes. So we climb into the irons as if there were no tomorrow. before, in and after the curve and best equipped with three extra brake lights in the rear window. Remember: uncontrolled braking is sometimes more dangerous than just letting the car go.

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9) the 100-with-a-Porsche-driver

i don’t drive a porsche, so i probably can’t really put myself in the shoes of a porsche driver. nevertheless, i have to ask this species at this point, why they are driving more and more often with speed 100 behind trucks of forwarding agencies. Please lift the throttle, even the other road users enjoy the rich sound of the engine!

10) the fog light lover

I never understood why you have to drive with fog lights in beautiful sunny weather. someone must have told such people that their pimped opel astras look nicer this way. Which unfortunately is not the case. Here please remember: sometimes less light is more!

And what about them? Which type of driver annoys you the most?? Or do you know another interesting type? Comment below, on facebook or via twitter. By the way: this blog can also be subscribed by e-mail.

[avatar user="ekkikern" size="thumbnail" align="left" link="http://ekkikern.Com" target="_blank" /] ekki kern is a passionate car driver and pretty good at getting excited inside his faraday cage. as a journalist he writes about film culture, financial topics and for his blog RADIOWATCHER. You can find him on twitter, facebook, google+ and via his website and blog.


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Ekki kern

Ekki is a media journalist and likes to try out new technologies, but often discovers the advantages of analogue. you can discuss about all this with him very well, for the newspaper he writes about media and consumer topics, privately for his watchblog radiowatcher.


Seriously? Can you make money with blogs like this?? If so, where can I register?

Funny, I don’t understand all the aggressive comments here.
the idea of the author to write about all these idiots on germany’s roads is overdue and right, to start a discussion about it is important!
I myself am not a speeder and have been driving accident-free for 25 years, but like the majority of my acquaintances I have the feeling that every year there are more and more incompetent, overtaxed and simply worse drivers on the road.
for a long time it is not only the typical "sunday driver" who drives with minus 20% of the maximum speed limit through the city or outside the city, slowing down in front of green lights – it could turn red at any time, or when it finally turns red it stops with 2 car lengths distance in front of the stop line.
Dear fellow road users, what is this behavior about??
my bold statement is the following: whoever is not able to drive his vehicle in a reasonably safe, speedy and appropriate manner on our roads after passing his driving test, should be put on bus& change trains, because he (or she) is overwhelmed in dicey situations and not aware that he (or she) is sitting in a potential killing machine. They simply do not have the necessary connection to the machine in which they sit and to the street they share with many others.
Speeders are in my eyes incredibly stupid and irresponsible, but these more and more common bummers and "here-I-go-and-just-as-I-want-types" need to be punished for coercion! Because they also disregard the rules of the road that most others obey.

Of course there is still one missing!
The car driver who is constantly annoyed about other car drivers. The driver who honks his horn when the traffic light turns yellow and the car in front of him has not yet released the brake. Especially in berlin you can often find these "agitators. But probably hardly anyone knows that the improper use of the horn costs 15 €. berlin could actually earn millions..
i don’t mind if others don’t drive the way i imagine it to be. You should just practice a little tolerance!

already with ekki’s trivial experiences during the rail strike i had asked myself: what’s the point of this senseless bla bla on a serious (?) news site. An increase is only with a blog in the style: "what I ate today for lunch" possible (with me today, by the way, the potato casserole).
Please: spares and this ..! I know, I don’t have to read it. I don’t do that anymore.

That is a pity. Have a look anyway! Looking forward to it!

please note: this is a blog (opinion&) entertainment), which is part of a serious news site (journalism). But hey, there are 40 more stars.De-blogs. Maybe you will find one that interests you more. love greetings!

Spoken from the heart! Abundant every day on the A46, especially 2, 5, 6 and 7….. Grrhhh…

number 6 is also great in rush hour traffic on the A57/A1 at the koln-nord intersection – i look forward to it regularly! &

Eyes closed and through&

Hm, do you really have to drive as slow on the right lane as on the left?? I thought so far actually also always, if I drive on the right with here permitted 120 is that no right overtake.

For sure the following drivers annoy me the most:
those who see you while you are driving with good 50 in the city, and then still drive out of an exit or other street in front of your feet in such a way that you wish you could brake hard, honk loudly AND show all middle fingers you have at the same time (which you don’t do of course, it’s forbidden).
But these drivers make me so furious! Above all, because they drive also comfortably with 35 in front of you after the einscheren and pretend so hypocritically, as if nothing had happened.

I had to laugh a lot, even though I can identify with many of these "car driver types".

Like here the situation under 2. Unfortunately, the criticism is factually incorrect. Under certain circumstances it is allowed to overtake on the right.

Exactly, I drive actually also always the permitted 120 on the right lane, if this is then free. It happens to me more often that people drive much slower on the left lane.

mr. kern, somehow i forget an important type.
He is the archetype of the german car driver. He is the best driver of all (or thinks he is), he can get very angry at others and is mainly concerned with the poor driving behavior of other road users.
Through these everyday psychological theses, this guy all too often forgets his own driving ability.
… i think you know the latter type only too well.

Replace "forget" with "miss". So it becomes a shoe out of it! &

Take a little fun, please. & I don’t drive any better than most… and I don’t claim to.

Everyone knows this one all too well. Please read the article with a slight wink of the eye! &

There is still the "wrapped toilet paper roll and wiggle dodger on the hat rack" driver, who can’t get away from the traffic light, because he is looking for the first gear, and then drives off when the light turns red again; who always drives at 70 km/h through the streets in front of schools and kindergartens; who brakes down to 50 km/h on the country road when there is oncoming traffic and is afraid to do so, and holds up everyone in city traffic at 30 km/h (except in the 30 km/h zones, see above); and who gets upset when he is overtaken (especially by a woman) and reacts by flashing his headlights and suddenly driving close to the traffic ..

Re 10):
much worse are the drivers, who turn on the rear fog light at the slightest hint of fog over the fields and then leave it on completely dull, no matter how long you have been driving behind them..
(just as a refresher for those concerned: at a speed below(!!) 50m…)

… and maximum 50km/h (with NSL on). I notice on the three-lane highways (here especially the A4 in the east of the country) every week more drivers of the species nr. 7 on – the notorious "middle lane driver. he doesn’t care in any way (or he only looks in his rear view mirror every half hour) that you are approaching and approaching from far behind him in the right lane at a higher speed (at least higher than his) and then… is forced to execute a lane change across two lanes. Only a few people react to the "abrupt" pulling into the right lane in front of their vehicle (again, of course, in the right lane, which is not free for several kilometers). from time to time i still meet the "bon vivant", who notices on the reinsertion over two lanes in front of his vehicle, that he is on the road for hours on a THREE lane freeway and daaaaan gaaaaaanz leisurely (over a period of a felt half minute) also changes to the right lane.
But who is still missing here in this row is the "i-drive-a-company-leased-car-with-ALL-safety-equipment-elements". This species, is basically a frequent driver. He/she drives away from home/from the company/customer in winter (the car has been standing for hours and the engine is cold) and then all gears are used up to the rev limiter. same time of the year, snow on the highway (or heavy rain in another time of the year) – 90% of highway drivers reduce their speed and drive if necessary. move to the middle or right lane. Not so this car driver species – he/she continues to drive with>160km/h on the left lane through (thanks to the cruise control). on the later question (yes i have these road users in my direct circle of friends and acquaintances), if it is "wise" to drive these speeds in these (weather and road) conditions, i promptly get the answer: "well my [vehicle manufacturer&] is not a good driver" brand] has ALL the safety features there are. THEY intervene when it gets dangerous…" aha, i think, then these assistants see the danger like aquaplaning, already kilometers ahead – not bad the modern technology. &

Hamburg, monday morning, light dawn and drizzle: the driver in front of me, who knows that I have telepathic abilities and can guess even without his blinker, that he will make a lane change abruptly without blinker and will step on the brakes right after (driving in front of me). ARGH! &

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