Things can only get better ..?

Things can only get better ..?

As editor-in-chief of a Catholic station, one does not always have it easy. Especially if you are passionately and wholeheartedly attached to your church. Ingo Bruggenjurgen seeks the way out of the credibility and trust crisis.

The year of our Lord 2019 was a tough one for the Catholic Church. The episcopal decision-makers are still burdened with the task of coming to terms with the sexual abuse. One thinks here only of the much-discussed compensation payments… The bishops had already conjured up a synodal solution from the hat in the spring at their plenary assembly in Lingen after hard wrangling. And they quickly realized that even with the three targeted problem areas of abuse of power/clericalism, sex education/homosexuality and priestly life/celibacy, not all of the burning ies were on the table: the large women's associations with their more than 600 women's groups and the many women's groups in the Church.000 committed women members and the self-confident Marias 2.0 also brought the "new role of women in the catholic church" on the agenda through their prere. The women missed the dialogue at eye level and demand full equality and equal treatment – even in access to ordained ministry.

The fact that something was brewing in the Catholic Church was also noticed by Rome. The Pope wrote a special letter to the entire German people, which only happens once in a blue moon. Unfortunately, this also immediately got between the fronts again, which deepened significantly everywhere in the past year. The front, which hopefully is not yet a final rift, does not only run through the ranks of the bishops – it goes all the way into the parishes. It is about the right way out of the self-inflicted crisis, which has been aggravated by the financial inconsistencies in many a diocese and several times in the Vatican. The fact that even the highest cardinals were put on trial in secular courts did not necessarily make the church enterprise any more credible either. If, against this background, many Christians finally turned their backs on their church, this did not come out of the blue, but it is all the more painful. You really don't need to be a prophet to report new record numbers of resignations.

The way out of one of the biggest crises of credibility and trust in recent years can only succeed if all mistakes and inadequacies are called by their names with a prophetically clear voice. And then also just as clearly the faith of the Gospel is proclaimed together – and above all lived out! The first Christians 2000 years ago were not recognized by their good crisis papers weighing tons, but first and foremost by their good deeds! So on! The Lord himself, who has just been celebrated as the Savior of the world, is still the best guide and companion Christians could wish for. It gives hope and courage and makes the year 2020 good. So things can only – no, they must – get better!

Ingo Bruggenjurgen
Chief editor

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