Third-party liability, fully comprehensive, partially comprehensive – how much car insurance do you need??

Approximately 57 million motor vehicles were registered in germany in 2019. To make sure that they are well insured in the event of a claim, there is the motor vehicle liability insurance. But which motor vehicle insurance do you really need?? Which protection is useful? In this article you will learn everything about partial cover, fully comprehensive cover and no-claims classes!

Motor vehicle liability insurance – required by law

No car owner can do without motor insurance: the motor vehicle liability insurance is required by law and is therefore obligatory in germany. For this reason, insurance companies are obliged to accept every customer, exceptions are only made in individual cases or when the insurance is limited to certain professions or certain regions. If there is an accident, the motor vehicle liability insurance covers all property damage and personal injury from, which affect other road users, for example other car drivers, cyclists or pedestrians. Damages caused by you to others are basically insured. Damage that occurs to your own car and has to be repaired is not covered by vehicle liability insurance.

Partial and fully comprehensive insurance – what’s the difference??

in addition to motor vehicle liability insurance, you can also insure yourself with a partial hull policy or a fully comprehensive policy insure. The partially comprehensive insurance covers, among other things, the costs of broken glass, theft or damage caused by storms such as lightning, hail or storms with a wind force of 8 or more. It also covers damage caused by fires or explosions, short circuits or cable damage, and damage caused by collisions with animals. Often, however, only damage caused by deer is covered. Collisions with dogs or birds, for example, are not included. In addition, you should make sure that the insurance conditions also include consequential damage in the event of marten bites, otherwise the direct damage, such as a bitten cable, will be paid, but not the possible resulting engine damage.

All benefits of a partially comprehensive policy are also included in the fully comprehensive policy. A extension to the fully comprehensive policy also insures damage caused by own fault. So if you have an accident and cause damage to your car, fully comprehensive insurance will cover the costs. Damage caused by unidentifiable causers, hit-and-run damage or damage caused by uninsured or insolvent third parties are also covered by comprehensive insurance. In addition, costs caused by vandalism or any kind of animals are covered.

partial and fully comprehensive insurance – what will it cost?

A partially comprehensive policy is usually available for an approximate extra charge of 90 euros on top of the regular vehicle liability insurance. The costs the number and age of the drivers, the respective place of residence, the type class or also the annual kilometers are dependent on various factors. A fully comprehensive policy costs on average about 325 euros per year.

If you want to compare car insurance, you can do so using the stiftung warentest insurance comparison service, which is subject to a fee.

What are no-claims classes?

In the area of car insurance there are the so-called no-claims classes. These are certain gradations that indicate, how long you have been driving your car without a claim. The longer you stay accident-free as a driver, the cheaper your insurance will be in the no-claims class you move into each year. Insurers assign a percentage to each class, which the customer pays as a proportion of the basic premium. For example, if you have 15 accident-free years, some insurers will only pay you about. 30 percent of the premium paid. As a rule, older drivers in particular benefit from the no-claims classes, since they have generally been driving for a longer period of time.

However, if you cause an accident, the no-claims bonus classes may also include downgraded are. In most cases, there are several levels that you drop down to. This means, of course, that the discount on the insurance premium worsens. Customers should consider whether they would prefer to pay for the damage themselves or accept a downgrade – whichever makes more financial sense.

It is also important to know that no-claims classes and their discounts not for partially comprehensive insurance apply. The damages covered here are not caused by the drivers, but are caused by other factors.

No-claims classes for car insurance

What to consider?

In motor vehicle liability insurance, it is important that at least one class is paid for property damage coverage amount The amount of cover agreed is 50 or even 100 million euros; for personal injury, cover of 12 million euros or more is sufficient. Besides, it is possible to set an additional fee for rental cars. A partially comprehensive and fully comprehensive policy should be new value compensation include. This guarantees that you will be reimbursed for the new value of the car in the event of damage. In order to receive compensation for damage caused by wild animals other than deer, stags or wild boars, you can also specify in the policy that damage caused by all animals is covered.

Saving on car insurance

In order to save some money on insurance costs, you can take out a deductible agree. But of course this also means that in the event of a claim you have to pay extra. In addition, it makes sense not to pay the premiums in small installments, but to pay the entire annual bill on one date. car insurance is also often cheaper if you use the circle of drivers limited to a few persons, a garage commitment If you enter into an agreement with a repair shop that cooperates with the insurance company or can show that you have had your car repaired in a repair shop, you should consider garage parking. A regular change of insurance can also be a good way to save money on car insurance.

How much car insurance do you need?

Let’s summarize: German drivers have no choice but to take out third-party car insurance, which is compulsory. Especially for more expensive cars additional insurance in the form of a partial casco useful and can save a lot of costs in the event of a claim. the same applies to fully comprehensive insurance, which is a sensible additional insurance, especially for new cars. If you are not sure which insurance coverage is best for you and your car, please contact us! your TGI finanzpartner advises you and makes sure that you have the perfect protection when you are on the road!

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Your TGI financial advisor for hamburg
hermannstrasse 10 | 20095 hamburg
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