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A collection of deep thoughts and meaningful poems that I would like to share with everyone who is interested. I invite everyone to participate in my collection. A warm reward to God in advance.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A light ignited at night

A light ignited at night,
began to shine in a stable
and brought that to people,
what you and I, what everyone needs:
It brought hope to the world,
it brought hope to the shepherds
and a star on the sky tent,
that seekers did not get lost.
So let’s go to the light
let’s dare the way to the stable,
and if it’s shining, don’t wait,
to carry it to others!
Reiner Haak

So Wishes I give you a bright Christmas party!
Health, serenity and confidence for the new year 2011!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Don’t forget me, dear ones!

Don’t forget me, dear ones,
That left her in the world!
Always lives quite piously and quietly,
Always loves work and prays a lot.
Grant me eternal peace,
The one that was given to me by God;
Love each other helpfully into the grave,
Always think that God will call you one day.

Grave saying from Übersee-Feldwies, 1962

Only borrowed

Everyone wants to own more,
he also pays a lot for it,
it can be of no use to anyone;
everything stays here for once.

Everyone often strives,
to be something better,
creates and gathers all of life,
but what does it bring him?

All goods on earth,
that fate adores you,
are only given to you for a time
and worth nothing in the long run.

That’s why live Your Life,
look forward to every day,
who knows on our earth globe,
what tomorrow may bring?

Enjoy small things too,
not just property and money,
it’s all just borrowed,
here in this beautiful world.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Guardian Angel Prayer

Holy Guardian Angel,
Since I live you have always been with me You know me and know about the good and the weak in me. I entrust myself to you: lead me closer to God today and every day of my life. Give me courage to believe and help me, God and my fellow human beings love. Make me see what God wants from me and choose good. I thank you for your protection on my way and ask you to always stay with me.

Mediated by Heinz Hongler

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A memo for the atheists

God’s invisible being, that is, his eternal power and deity, will be seen if one perceives this in the works, namely in the creation of the world.
(Roman Cap. 1st of 20th)

Paul Gerhard’s spring song

Melody: Raises my soul to the gentlemen; or: Come to me, says God’s Son.

Go out, my heart, and look for Freud
Your God’s gifts.
Look at the beautiful gardens,
And see how she me and you
Have decorated yourself.

The trees are full of leaves,
The earth covers its dust
With a green dress.
Narcissen and the Tulipan
They dress much nicer,
As Solomonis silk.

The lark swings in the air,
The dove flies out of its rift,
And goes into the woods.
The highly gifted nightingale
Delights and fills with their sound
Mountain, hill, valley and fields.

The mother hen carries out her nestling,
The stork builds and lives in his house,
The Schwälblein feeds the boys.
The quick deer, the light deer
Is glad and comes from its height
Jumped into the deep valley.

The brooks rustle in the sand,
And adorn themselves on their edge
With shadowy myrtles.
The meadows are soaked,
And sound like cries of pleasure
The sheep and their shepherds.

The undaunted beehive
Flies back and forth, searches forever
The noble honey dish.
The sweet vine of fresh juice
Has new strength and strength every day
In fine weak travel.

The waizen grows violently
In addition cheers young and old,
And praises the great goodness
Deß, who eats so unnecessarily,
And gifted with so many things
The human mind.

I myself cannot and do not like to rest;
Great deeds of the great God
Awakens all my senses.
I sing along when everything sings,
That which sounds worthy of the highest,
Run out of my heart.

Oh, I think it’s so beautiful here,
and let us be so lovely,
Here on earth already;
What do you want after this world?
There in the golden sky tent
And become its meadows?

What a high pleasure, what a bright glow
Will be in Christ’s garden?
How must it sound like?,
Where so many thousand seraphim
With incomparably noble voice
Sing your hallelujah!

Oh if I were there, I would already be there,
Oh sweet God, in front of your throne,
And carry my palms!
So I want after the angel wise
Increase your name price,
With a thousand beautiful psalms.

But nevertheless I want because I am still
Here carry this body yoke,
Not even silent.
My heart should go on and on,
In this and in every place,
Tend to your praise.

Help me and bless my spirit
With blessings that flow from heaven,
That I keep blooming for you.
Give that the summer of your mercy
Early and late in my soul
Teach a lot of fruit of faith.

Make space for me in your mind,
That I will be a good tree for you,
That your powers are driving.
Grant that to your glory
I of your garden beautiful flowers
And the plant may remain.

Choose me to be Paradeis,
And let me down to the last rice
Green body and soul;
So I want you and your honor
Alone, and no one else,
Serve here and there forever.

Extracted from the book:
"The highly enlightened, spiritually and comforting teacher Johann Arnd, because then general superintendent of the principality of Lüneburg, six books of true Christianity nourishes his paradise garden – with a biography of the Blessed Man of God and with a preface, as well as a story of the wonderful Preservation of the paradise garden." – Stereotype edition with the symbols belonging to the book in fine woodcuts. – Zurich. Published by Franz Hanke. 1844. Pages 687-689.


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