Three strong locations for her teeth: her zmk dentists team awaits her

Three strong locations for her teeth: her zmk dentists team awaits her

Three Strong Locations for Your Teeth: Your ZMK Dentists Team Expects You!

Your well-being is very important to us, therefore, we would like to make the visit to the dentist as pleasant as possible with the relaxed atmosphere of our practice rooms.

From prosthodontics to implantology, from aesthetic dentistry to functional therapy and from deciduous teeth to implants, even mobile home visits – the ZMK team covers the entire spectrum of modern dentistry, so that every patient can leave the practice with a smile.

At two locations in the Greater Kassel area, mobile in the whole of Northern Hesse, as well as our own laboratory in Kassel, the patients are treated and looked after by ZMK at a high level. The practice has existed in Bad Wilhelmshöhe for 40 years. In recent years, the locations in Niestetal-Sandershausen and Habichtswald-Dörnberg have come to. At these two locations, existing dental practices were taken over and extensively renovated and renovated.

Since 1.1.2018, we have transferred the location Dörnberg to our colleague Zahnarzt Drothler. Only in this way can we maintain the quality level as the volume of work increases. The cooperation between the two practices makes it possible to provide the best care for our patients without restriction. So we are still responsible for the orthodontic treatment of Dörnberger patients. Also complex implantological restorations, such as with solid teeth immediately! are anchored in the cooperation.

Technically, our treatment rooms are state-of-the-art and barrier-free equipped with a wheelchair accessible treatment room. In addition, the team is also mobile on the way to his patients. For example, immobile people are looked after by ZMK Mobil, who are unable to visit the practice. In addition to the now well-developed network of our practices in Kassel, you will find an overview of dentists in all of Marburg – Dentist Marburg

We not only rely on state-of-the-art treatment methods, but also take plenty of time to respond to your wishes and questions.

Our team will be happy to advise you. We look forward to seeing you in one of our two main locations in the future.


Our team aims to make you healthy and responsive through targeted treatments tooth help. The development in the dentistry has changed a lot in recent decades and has now reached a very high standard. We offer comprehensive and varied options for your treatment in order to work together to uncompromisingly realize the best possible quality for you. So we can make sure our patients – and her teeth – of course only the best standard, which the Dentistry has to offer, profit. An important requirement for Your dental health are there prophylaxis as well as regular checks.

If you dentures your doctor may need Dentist or your treating dentist on the qualified ones dental technician in our own practice laboratory – and also on our cooperation partner, Acura Zahntechnik GmbH. Of course, we are also the right contact for implants and in all other questions of dentistry. Working together, we can create an optimal result for your dental health. We are totally focused on you to be optimal for your teeth, to take care of your health and well-being.


Everyone dentist and each one dentist our team has a high qualification of dentistry, which leads to the best treatment with the latest technology, and brings with it extensive experience in dentistry.

We value a relaxed atmosphere and biocompatible materials. It does not matter whether you visit the ZMK dental office in Bad Wilhelmshöhe or the dental office in Niestetal-Sandershausen. The ZMK team is fully committed to you and the treatment of your teeth.

For this reason, anxiety patients also find ours Dentists and dentists and our competent team encouragement and help to overcome their fear. Give us your trust.

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