Time out for two: city trip to asia, world wonder

Time out for two: City trip to Asia

* Post updated on: May 11, 2016

Guess where the wonder of the world is right now? To celebrate a birthday only for two – but this is a destination that we can not really recommend with children. As a couple, we are certainly excited!

The most striking, beautiful and the reason for the choice of this destination: Here is the spring already arrived! Gorgeous colors in every discounts (one is apparently on tulips), birds chirping, flower scent and pleasant temperatures. Ahh …

It is a bit exotic in some districts as well …

… and you have a heart for animals. There are an awful lot of cats, dogs, pigeons and sparrows – all of which are treated nicely and even fed a lot!

Other people are not treated so nicely (my modest opinion as an atheist). At any rate, some of the women walk completely covered and three meters behind their spouse. As a woman I feel here alternately totally lewd (because not in Chador) and completely out of place (because only present woman).

It is true that everyone is allowed to state what he or she wants, but in the mosque chastely covering is also a duty for us unbelievers. And of course: shoes off!

More hints? The city is teeming with architectural wonders, but there are also candidates for the ugliest monument here; The taste of city architects is not without reason very Asian in some ways.

Ancient sights are even hidden under the floor!

If you travel all day long by bus, tram and ferry between the continents, you need a refreshment every once in a while. But here at the street stand (next to sweet chestnuts and roasted corn on the cob) is the healthiest snack ever sold to tourists: freshly squeezed pomegranate juice. Delicious!

And finally: the view from the roof terrace of our hotel. Unbeatable. Although I notice very recently: Sunsets are not the hit here.

If you guess where we are, then I also give our today discovered, absolutely great and in the guide mentioned in a subordinate clause insider tip. It remains exciting!

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