Tinker children’s birthday

Great craft ideas around the children’s party you here …

The birthday, the very special day of a child’s year, is approaching.
The parents, the birthday child and maybe that too siblings think together how the party should go.
Who is invited and how many guests are there?
What should the birthday invitation look like??
How do we decorate or decorate?
Becomes while the party also made something?
What to eat?
And many more questions.

Everything needs to be well planned and prepared.

On the topic of "tinkering children’s birthday" we would like to go into more details on handicrafts on or for the children’s birthday party or children’s party.

You can of course make your own invitations to the party first.

Invitations for the children’s birthday party and theme party

You will find many suggestions and templates for invitations to "normal" children’s birthdays or to theme parties such as a sausage in a bun, a soccer invitation, an invitation in the form of a meadow, a funny elephant, a Viking ship, a knight’s castle, an Indian tent, a frog, a dinosaur, a bat, ghosts and much more

You can also get creative with the decoration.

Make decoration for the children’s party yourself

Of course it is also great if you decorate the apartment or the house or the garden with a self-made decoration.
Great suggestions for this are

Crepe paper garland

You can find more ideas on specific topics in the content of our theme parties at
birthday party & Children’s fancy dress party

or in the categories spring, summer, autumn, winter and more in the menu bar.

Of course, it is also very special for the children if you make something together during the party.

Crafts with the guests during the party

Again there are a lot of ideas and templates.
You can find them all over our site, e.g. in the rubrics

Here are a few ideas in detail:

We hope that our craft ideas for the children’s birthday or the theme party was the right one for you and your party.
Have fun crafting and crafting.

Party Games

Many great party games that invite everyone to participate. Parties are celebrated on various occasions: a birthday, social gathering in the club.

Party recipes

Lots of great ideas for delicious party recipes. The party is planned and now the question arises: What are we going to do?.

Children’s birthday treasure hunt

A treasure hunt brings a touch of adventure to any party and children’s birthday party. It’s very adventurous when you look at.

Children’s birthday meal

Great recipe ideas for food on children’s birthday. The children’s birthday is getting closer and now the question arises: What do we offer.

Cotton wool snowman

Make a snowman out of cotton wool in winter. This.

Star Wars Muffins

The recipe for delicious starlings-Wars-Muffins. The hit with children and.

Crafts winter

Nice suggestions for what children love to do in winter.

Pippi Longstocking ba.

A nice craft suggestion for the popular Pippi Longstocking. who knows.


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