Tinker invitation cards for children’s birthday – 7 ideas

What could be better for a child than a child’s birthday. The excitement is already weeks ahead and is planned and organized, provided the child is old enough. A nice invitation card is part of the preparation. Of course there are dozens of pre-printed cards in the shops, many of them very nice, but nothing beats a handmade invitation. Since not every mother or bigger sibling has unlimited time, you can keep things simple or shorten them. A great help is, for example, if the text is created once on the computer and then printed out many times. This simplifies the invitation and everyone can read it without having to decipher hieroglyphs.

In addition to designing an invitation card for children’s birthday, the content is of course extremely important.

It consists of several components:

  • Short introductory text on the reason for the invitation
  • Date of the event, day, time, also end / due to collection or delivery)
  • place
  • Possibly. the motto of the party
  • Possibly. Kle >

1. Age as a card

It cannot always be assumed that all children and their parents know the age of the birthday child exactly. A card in the form of a number is therefore a good idea. You don’t need much, just normal printing paper, cardstock, scissors, a few stickers, stickers, a punch hole and some tape to bind.

Step 1: Draw the number on paper. Since hardly anyone can paint a fairly large number freehand without it becoming uneven, the work can be simplified. Simply select the number in a beautiful font on the computer, in Word or another writing program and insert it into an empty document. Then increase the number to the size of the invitation card. Now mirror the number and put the two numbers so close together that they touch at the edges.
If you have difficulties with mirroring, you can continue to work with the one number. The manual also describes the steps with only one number, for those who are not so familiar with the computer.

Step 2: Print out the number and cut it out. It is best to use slightly stronger paper for printing so that it can be edged better.

Step 3: Transfer the number onto the cardboard, twice, so that both numbers touch, at the extreme points where the card is then folded. Now you could easily print out the numbers on the Glue card. If you have a good color printer, you can also make it colorful.

Step 4: Fold in the middle, in card form. In principle, the card is now ready and is just being embellished.

Step 5: Label the inside of the card with everything that belongs on an invitation card. If you don’t have a nice font, you can write, print and stick the text on the computer.

Step 6: Stick on small stickers and pictures inside and outside for embellishment. If the party has a motto, select it appropriately.

Step 7: Make two holes in the folded invitation with the motif punch, outside, so that it can be tied together. Do not punch in the script!

Step 8: Tie the card together with bast, string or ribbon. She doesn’t need an envelope.

2. Puzzle invitation

It’s very easy to make a puzzle invitation. To do this, simply cut an appropriate invitation card that was previously filled in or labeled. The parts should be unevenly sized and shaped. They are put in an envelope which is sealed so that no part can be lost. The guest has to put the puzzle together at home in order to be able to read when and where it should be and what the occasion is. If you prefer something more stable, you can also buy a finished puzzle, one with few parts, for small children. This can also be labeled on the back.

3. Simple instructions

It doesn’t always have to be something complicated, even a simple invitation serves its purpose. Something you design yourself is always nicer than just using a pre-printed invitation. A sheet of colored construction paper is enough, which is folded in half, i.e. in half, so that a folding card is created. The text comes on the inside. The front can be decorated with various pictures, stickers, rhinestones, pearls and small bows. A self-painted picture is usually very well received. Decorations can also be applied inside. In the end, the invitation can be rolled up and looped or put in an envelope.

4. Balloon invitation

Here you can design two variants.

  1. The balloon is inflated and described. The entire text of the invitation will be transferred to the balloon. You can also paint pictures on it. It is important to use a pen that does not blur and come off. Let the air out and either put the balloon in an envelope or in a small box. In order to read the invitation, the guest must inflate the balloon again.
  2. Write the invitation on a piece of paper, which can also be beautifully designed. The paper should only be thin and the sheet not too big. The sheet is rolled up at the end and inserted into the balloon. This is inflated and tied together and handed over to the guest. On the balloon you can write an invitation and paint it.

5. Invitations to theme parties

Children like to celebrate motivational parties. The invitation must make this clear, not only in writing, but preferably also in terms of design. A crown belongs to an invitation to a princess party, a castle to a knight party, a sausage in a roll to a grill party, a football to a football party. Motifs can easily be found on the Word Wide Web. You can print them in color or just frame them to color yourself. The motif is simply glued to the front of the invitation card. The text comes inside. It doesn’t need more.

Or you can use one of our handicraft templates. Simply download and print out the desired motif. This template then only has to be cut out and transferred to construction paper with a pen.

6. Butterfly invitation

Colored cardboard, construction paper or similar paper is used again for the butterfly invitation. Different colors are beautiful, not everything has to be uniform.

Step 1: The butterfly motifs are pre-painted or printed. Here you will find our butterfly template:

Step 2: Cut out the butterfly

Step 3: Then draw patterns on the wings. Depending on the age, the child can do this himself.

Step 4: The invitation text comes on a separate sheet of paper, preferably in the same color as the butterfly. You can write everything by hand or create the text on the computer and simply print it out several times.

Step 5: The text is rolled up and tied with a delicate bow.

Step 6: Attach the roller in the middle of the butterfly, as a body, so to speak. To do this, place four small holes next to the roll with the punch, thread two on each side and the same ribbon from the tie through. The role is tied together.

7. Invitation to the pirate party

If you want to move away from the card form and are looking for something special, the ships to the pirate party are recommended. This requires dark paper, construction paper or drawing board, a wooden skewer skewer, paper for the invitation text, pens and self-adhesive tapes.

Step 1: On small Fold ship: none

Step 2: Paint the boat, stick it on, design it

Step 3: Put the kebab skewer through the middle, the tip of the boat inside.

Step 4: Write or print the invitation text on a sheet adapted to the size of the boat (ideally fold an A4 sheet two or three times) and attach it to the mast as a sail. To do this, pierce the leaf twice, in the middle, once at the top and once at the bottom. This works best with the tip of the stick.

Step 5: Fix the rod to the boat with glue from below.

Step 6: Attach a small flag or a colored pennant to the mast above, simply paint and cut and stick to the mast.

There are countless ways to create an invitation for a children’s birthday yourself. Larger children like to do this themselves, smaller children need help or cannot do much yet. Such invitations can be made simple or complex. One has to bear in mind that a corresponding party is also expected with an elaborate card. So you shouldn’t lean too far out of the window. Motif parties are popular. The invitation must of course also go with these. The design is important, but so is the content. This must clearly state who is giving the party, when and where it is taking place, how to organize the transport and what to bring.


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