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Make magnets yourself: Great fridge magnets can be made from crown caps in just 5 minutes. Do you want to know how to do it? Then read the instructions now.

Tinker magnets – make magnets for the fridge yourself. Have you ever thought of it with magnets to tinker? magnets don’t have to be boring or classic. On the contrary! You can magnets design it Yourself. magnets for the fridge or magnets for one magnetic board – no matter what. Homemade magnets Not only do they look great, it takes less than 5 minutes to make them. Today I show you a few tips on the subject: Tinker magnets – make magnets for the fridge yourself.

Tinker magnets – make magnets for the fridge yourself

With these magnets will be yours fridge a real gem. Alternatively, you can use the homemade magnets also give away. personalized with a photo make sure you get a surprise. So why not Gifts do it Yourself and magnets give away?!

Here we are again on the subject of collecting. You can do that Capsules from your last party for this DIY idea great use. Just collect everything you can get your hands on. magnets With Capsules tinkering is funny, colorful and individual. There are two nice ways Bottle cap magnets to tinker.

Make magnets out of bottle caps

Colorful and as different as possible are particularly suitable for this Capsules. Whether from beer or lemonade – The main thing is colored.

You need:

  • A lot of colorful bottle caps
  • adhesive
  • Cardboard or the like
  • magnets

Make bottle caps magnets yourself – crafting instructions

In less than 5 minutes you have your own magnets tinkered. Pay attention to the magnetic selection to a certain Strength, so yours notes, photos or postcards as well on fridge stick. You sometimes underestimate what such a magnet must hold. The magnets that I used to make are Potmagnets made of ferrite. They have a diameter of 25 mm and are 5 mm high. The adhesive force lies by 800 g. Overall, these magnets are super great for them Bottle cap magnets on. They are the perfect size.

Now it becomes individual. This Fridge magnets are also particularly suitable as small ones gift. So if you have another idea for a homemade gift addiction: Here is a quick but nice idea – one SOS Gift Tip. You can do that magnets with your own photos beautify or you take funny pictures, Nature photos or whatever you like.

You need:

>> TIP – Here you can buy the great magnets

Make bottle caps magnets yourself – crafting instructions

  1. In the first step you spray the Capsules from both sides with color spray, or paint them with color. If you want, you can leave the bottle caps in the original and go straight to the photos.

" data-medium-file ="https://i1.wp.com/www.frantasiaaa.de/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Magnete-basteln-Magnete-für-den-Kühlschrank-selber-machen-Kronkorken-Magnete-basteln-mit- Photo 2.jpg? fit = 550% 2C467" data-large-file ="https://i1.wp.com/www.frantasiaaa.de/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Magnete-basteln-Magnete-für-den-Kühlschrank-selber-machen-Kronkorken-Magnete-basteln-mit- Photo 2.jpg? fit = 600% 2C510" /> Whether painted black or in the original: the photo magnets look great in both versions

  • While the Capsules drying, you are looking for nice ones in the meantime photos get out and print them on the Capsules-Size out.
  • Measure the diameter of crown cap and transfer the right size to yours pictures. An image editing program is best suited for this. Here you can see the size of the pictures indiv >Making magnets Making magnets for the fridge yourself Bottle caps Making magnets with a photo – Frantasiaaa craft blog
  • Change photo size for bottle cap magnets

    None of you professional Image editor has on the PC or is not familiar with it, he does not need to despair. It is not rocket science. By default, many of you have the program “Paint" on the computer. Just open your photo there and make it smaller image then using the option "Resize". Enter the correct values ​​here and yours already has image the right dimensions. If it doesn’t work the first time, don’t give up. To the pictures finally cutting out round, grabs you classically compasses back. The fine tuning takes over scissors.

    Make magnets for the fridge yourself: make crown caps magnets

    If you have yours desired photos have all together and they are cut out ready, continue with the magnets handcraft. Your Bottle cap magnets will be ready in no time. Glue yours pictures in the middle of the crown cap. If the size is unexpectedly wrong, it cuts photos just with the scissors cope. Take a sense of proportion, that should be enough. On the back of the Capsules then you stick the magnets. Tada!

    Tinker magnets – make magnets for the fridge yourself

    Yours are finished homemade bottle cap magnets. Please use "Strength“Magnets so yours self-made magnets also hold. Are easiest self-adhesive magnets. This Potmagnets have a diameter of 12 mm and are 2 mm high. you adhesive force lies by 1.6 kg. If you guys magnets wanted to give away, pack it in one small bag or sticks to a metallic surface.

    There will be more soon Tips for Theme: Make magnets


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