Tip: the right digital camera for children

Find the right digital camera for your child

There are many offers to find a suitable digital camera for a child. It is not always clear in advance what criteria to look for in the camera offers. Basically, you can rarely talk about whether a camera is good or bad. Rather, when buying digital cameras for children, it depends on which child the camera is intended for. The age of the child plays a major role here. Because a child-friendly camera is not a child-friendly camera. Pushing a camera into the hand of a three-year-old child is different from buying a camera for an eight-year-old. That is why we have some for you here Tips for put together the right digital camera for the child.

Digicam for your child – a question of age

Basically, the question arises from what age a digital camera makes sense for a child. In most cases, digital cameras for children are offered for children from the age of 3. Especially at this age, the camera is still seen as a toy and should have corresponding properties.

Children 3-5 years

A camera for children between 3 and 5 years old should be visually appealing. That means typical children’s cameras in bright colors and with funny motifs on the housing are particularly popular with this age group and arouse interest in photography.

The younger the children are, the more important is the property of the cameras that they are shockproof and robust. The navigation and operation of the children’s camera should be clear for younger children and easy his. Large buttons and not too many functions are useful here to introduce the child to technical devices of this type.

Children 5-9 years

From the age of 5 or 6 years the camera can be a bit more complex. At this age, the child learns to take responsibility for objects and also becomes more adept at using motor skills. Shockproof cameras can still be useful at this age.

Waterproof camera for photo fun – Photo: Kodak

However, operation can be quite complex. Special gimicks such as games or the function of using the camera as an mp3 player make sense from this age.

Children from 9 years

At the latest for children from the age of 9, you can consider whether it can not be a cheap normal camera instead of a special children’s camera. Because from this age, the funny appearance or the game function play less of a role in the cameras, but rather the quality of the images. Experience has shown that the image quality of a normal camera is better than that of special children’s cameras, which have other advantages. Cameras that are not specially made for the needs of children usually do not have the robustness of a children’s camera and can be more complicated to use.

Normal digital camera for older children – Photo: Nikon

From a certain age, these cameras are no longer a big challenge for small amateur photographers who at the same time learn how to use modern technology with ease. Copying the photos to the computer and possible image processing also teach children from around 6 years of age how to use digital media and how they work with technical devices.

So camera is not the same camera. Which child’s camera you choose depends on the child. The ages of 3-6 years, 6-9 years and 9 years and up apply roughly, ultimately you know your child best and can decide which camera is the right one.

Regardless of which category you choose, it is always important to compare and value for money when buying a camera.

You should pay attention to the capabilities of cameras in a function and price class.


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