Tips and home remedies for beauty, beauty and cosmetics


Many clever cosmetic tips for beauty and more beauty. Discover simple beauty treatments with grandma’s old home remedies and useful household items. So you will find your very natural beauty from within.

Cosmetics has always meant body care and beauty care. Of course, the preservation and improvement of their own beauty.

Clever tips on the beauty of housewives

We will help you with your personal care no matter which cosmetics focus. We show you tips on facial care, dental care, hair care, hands or skin care. Discover the beauty in a new way and finally feel comfortable in your own skin.

Because beauty comes from within and is not a question of definition. Incidentally, our beauty tips are also suitable for men. With cosmetic tips on foot care and nail care as well as tricks for fashion, jewelry and make-up.

Which perfume suits you best??

Perfume emphasizes your personality and gives you an attractive look – if the perfume fits you well. Below you will learn how you can come closer to the perfume that suits you perfectly.

The most beautiful trends for summer shoes and sandals

As soon as the sun is shining and the first warm rays reach us, we want to slip into airy clothing and look forward to the summer. Especially in terms of shoes, the selection of different models, shapes and designs is gigantic.

10 fashion tips for the modern mom

When you become a mother, that changes a lot in your life. Where otherwise you only need to consider yourself or perhaps your partner in everyday life, there is now a small being, which needs attention around the clock. Many things will […]

The best home remedies to clean jewelry

Home remedies are always used today. So there are a lot of interesting tips and tricks to be followed. Because of this, it is even more important that you keep up with the times, so that the jewelry does not break and […]

Avoid sunburn>

Avoid many sunburn tips and prevent natural sunscreens from getting sunburned. Now in the summer more sun protection for your tender skin. Use our useful tips and tricks against the development of a sunburn.

The magic of silver bracelets

Silver bracelets are part of every standard outfit today. The choice is huge. You have the choice between extravagant and simple.

Everything is about the scarf

Everyone knows him and certainly many have this garment lying around somewhere in some form. He can decorate, you can make his affiliation clear with him or he serves for protection and for warming. If it is very stormy, […]

Compare dental supplements, find and save money

An additional insurance for your teeth combines numerous advantages and ensures that dental problems can be solved to your satisfaction. There are a variety of tariffs, so it is often not easy to find the right dental insurance.

The best tips on hair loss

Many people today have problems with hair loss. This is one of the reasons why you catch up on one or the other housewife tips that will help you tackle hair loss.

What is Smart Casual and what to avoid in the outfit />

The fashion concept Smart Casual causes confusion for many. Literally translated is the English term, which is also common among German fashion enthusiasts, “elegant casual”. But this is a business outfit where the balance of […]

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