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Fly to Florida in Premium Economy Class

Fly to Florida in Premium Economy Class Many airlines now offer a Premium Economy Class. With this one can then fly relaxed to Florida. Especially on a long-haul flight as in the US, […]

Park for free at Bonita Beach

There is also free parking at Bonita Beach Bonita Springs in particular has a beautiful beach and there is free parking. There is a public car park where you can pay $ 2 per hour […]

Beware of Zika virus in Florida

Florida and the Zika virus The Zika virus has now arrived in Florida and especially in Miami, some cases have been registered. Tourists should be extra careful when entering this region of […]

safety tips

Do not forget safety in Florida Even in sunny Florida you should not forget the safety. The crime rate is low, but still you have to be very vigilant whenever and wherever you are on vacation. […]

ID is required when buying alcohol

Buy alcohol in Florida at the Liquor Store Tourists love to drink alcohol on the terrace in the holiday home with a cold beer or wine. But in Florida and USA, strict rules apply to the purchase of […]

Internet access in the holiday homes in Cape Coral

There is High Speed ​​Internet in the Villas Even in the holiday homes in Cape Coral you do not need the Internet and most have free internet access. Here are some questions […]

Connecting Fort Myers Beach and Cape Coral

Fort Myers Beach and Cape Coral Our tip is to connect Fort Myers Beach and Cape Coral together if you want to spend a beach holiday in Florida. First, it offers itself to […]

Beware of Florida waters

Do not be too frivolous in Florida In Florida and Cape Coral, of course, there are many bodies of water, wetlands and man-made lakes which, of course, look very beautiful. But in the past there was […]

Do not forget to take out international health insurance

Insurance is very important for the Florida trip Those who spend their holidays in Cape Coral naturally think of the sun and warm temperatures. But nevertheless one should not forget a foreign health insurance already before the journey with […]

Buy a maximum of 430 Euro duty-free in Florida per person

430 euros duty-free shopping in Florida The shopping malls and outlets in the southwest of Florida are very tempting for tourists from Germany and you would of course buy a lot there. Many goods are significantly cheaper to […]

Florida hotels offer no meals

No breakfast in the hotels in Florida If you book a hotel in Florida then there is usually no food. You only pay for the overnight stay without any other services. Many tourists think […]

The quickest way to get from Cape Coral to Fort Myers Beach

From Cape Coral to Fort Myers Beach Cape Coral has a small sandy beach so many would prefer to drive to Fort Myers Beach where there is a wide dream beach. Now you face […]

Fly with Air Berlin directly from Dusseldorf to Fort Myers

Direct flight with Air Berlin to Fort Myers With Air Berlin you can fly directly from Dusseldorf to Fort Myers. This is certainly the fastest way to get to Cape Coral. The destination airport is Southwest Florida […]

When shopping is still the Florida Tax added

Do not forget Florida Tax If you go shopping in a supermarket in Florida then you will see the price tags there always in net. That means the Florida Tax is still added. For example, one goes […]

Car rental in Florida is gladly towed

Beware of towing in Florida If you rent a holiday home in Cape Coral usually has a rental car and this is also the main transport in Florida. But when parking one must always […]

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