Tips for a vacation to turkey with children

Turkey is particularly suitable for a vacation with children. The country and its people offer some opportunities and families or even solo travelers with children are welcome everywhere. Nevertheless, as a mom or dad, you naturally ask yourself a few questions when it comes to finding the right vacation for your offspring.

Therefore, there are some hints, tips and aspects below that you can consider and consider before booking a trip to Turkey with children. In the end it will be a successful holiday!

Where exactly should it go?

First of all, of course, the question of which region in Turkey should be clarified. The Turkish Riviera, for example, lends itself well. Most of the employees speak good German here, there are water slides and extensive childcare in many hotels. In this way, parents can be sure that their children are well looked after and will experience unforgettable vacations.

Lara, Belek, Alanya, Side or Colakli are examples here. However, there are a number of other places that are ideal for a family vacation in Turkey.

When will you travel?

From spring to autumn, Turkey is ideal for a beach holiday. Families are often tied to the holiday season. You can have a great vacation in Turkey at these times. But even in winter a trip to Turkey is a good idea – even if you can’t always swim in the sea. Most of the times there are pleasant temperatures.

What documents do children need to enter Turkey?

Anyone traveling with children should think about the necessary documents. Children are required to have their own passport or ID card. Entry in the parents’ passport is no longer possible today.

In addition, the health insurance card and vaccination card should always be carried. If you are traveling alone with a child, you should at best take a declaration of consent from the other parent with you. This reduces potential problems when entering the country.

It always has to be a special children’s or family hotel?

Many hotels in Turkey specialize in children and families. With animation, water parks and often even their own children’s buffet. But in other hotels, children are also welcome and in good hands in most cases.

The hospitality quickly becomes clear, as does the child-friendly orientation in Turkey.

So if you can do without water slides and the large playground right by the hotel, you should also take a look at other hotels. And: There are often water parks outside the hotels as public facilities.

The advantage of family hotels is, however, that there are often larger rooms here the whole family with several bedrooms there. You can only find this to a limited extent in other hotels. It is therefore worthwhile to define your own requirements and wishes in advance.

Flat beach – where to swim in Turkey?

In Turkey there are some stalls where there is mainly gravel or rock. These are less suitable for (smaller) children and water shoes are often recommended.

Fine sandy beaches can also be found and here the beach is mostly gently sloping, so that children can also swim well. It is important that you stay in the guarded area with them and stick to them if bathing is prohibited. Because the currents under water can sometimes be tricky – even for adults.

Side and Belek, for example, are well suited for children. The beaches here are beautiful and offer great bathing pleasure.

Trips with children in Turkey

If you don’t just want to sit in the hotel complex, you can of course go on trips to Turkey with children. Whether to the bazaar in the larger towns or with the pirate ship on the high seas – allowed here is what you like. Many providers even have special offers for families with children of all ages.

But Turkey is also great for shopping. There are many shopping malls – tourists big and small will be happy here.


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Is foreign health insurance necessary for Turkey? 0159

You don’t need foreign health insurance when traveling to Turkey?

If you want to spend your next vacation in Turkey, there is of course also the question of insurance coverage. Here especially if you get sick or have an accident. You certainly don’t want that, but even on vacation you can get sick or have an accident at any time and then rely on the help of a doctor.

European Health Insurance Card and Turkey

But especially when you need a doctor in Turkey, who pays for it? This inevitably raises the question of whether you need foreign health insurance. Or whether health insurance coverage is sufficient here through its normal health insurance. Indeed, this is usually sufficient. Within the European Union, but also with certain other countries, such as Turkey, you do not need normal foreign health insurance. This is because there are social security agreements here. Of course you need proof of this. But what many people have no idea you already have in your pocket. This is made possible by the so-called EHIC, the European Health Insurance Card. If you are a normal member of a health insurance company today, you will not only receive a normal health insurance card here, but also a European health insurance card. This is usually located on the back of the health insurance card. If this is not the case, you should contact your health insurance company. So that you have a current health insurance card in good time before the trip, which also serves as proof of a European Health Insurance Card.

Settlement takes place using the health insurance card

If you get sick on vacation or have an accident, all you have to do is present your health insurance card. As well as his passport or identity card as proof of identity. The costs of the treatment are then settled by the health insurance company. There may be differences here, especially depending on the health insurance company. If you want to be on the safe side when it comes to health insurance during your Turkey vacation, you should get advice from your health insurance provider before you travel. Be it what services are included in detail or whether there are cutbacks. If this is the case, you can still check the possibility of foreign health insurance here and, if necessary, also take out.

Tips for booking cheap car hire in Turkey0112

If you book a vacation in Turkey, you are spoiled for choice to decide whether the sights and the stroll in the Turkish cities should take place by public transport or your own rental vehicle. Not only is it much more fun to rent a car, privacy is a positive thing and waiting times can be ruled out in the distance. That is why there are the best tips to find a good rental car locally during your vacation in Turkey.

It is best to book the rental vehicle for Turkey in Germany

Of course, Turkey is cheap, word has gotten around the world and because of this, many tourists believe that booking a rental car locally is all the cheaper. Certainly this happens, but there is a great risk that you will incur extra costs that would reduce the holiday budget somewhat. So what speaks against booking everything in German already in Germany? `It usually does not cost much more, but it is certainly better to understand and it is clear that the rental vehicle is usually already available at the airport in Turkey, so that you can get it To be able to drive luggage to the hotel independently. The following subtleties should be taken into account locally and in Germany when booking a rental vehicle for a holiday in Turkey.

– Car rental company reviews
– Is the insurance included or do additional costs follow?
– Is a fixed price or according to the mileage indicated?
– Pay attention to the mileage
– Document and photograph everything when assessing the rental vehicle
– Request a written contract

Medial is in many countries the fraud with rental vehicles is already pervasive. Whether Greece, Spain or Turkey. Some dubious traders really struggle with this. However, if you make sure that everything is written down, take pictures of the car when you first view it so that any errors can be identified immediately, and in general perhaps pay attention to the company’s reviews, you significantly reduce the risk of falling on the nose , Of course, that should be important to you, because you want to experience a dream-like vacation in Turkey without any problems.

The region decides on safe driving in Turkey

As a new arrival in Turkey, it is advisable to use a rental vehicle in modern cities such as Side, Antalya or Istanbul and Ankara. This means you can travel faster and make extensive use of the cheap shopping tour. While the rural regions can also be dangerous with the rental vehicle. Here, the asphalt is often rocky and difficult to drive, so that driving away from the big cities and modernized Turkey can often be a torture with a rental car. Here you should drive more carefully to avoid damage to the rental car.

The Turkey vacation is already booked? Then the right rental vehicle could still be the icing on the cake of your own journey and inspire with a certain privacy and speed.


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