Tips for a weekend in Glückstadt

A weekend in Glückstadt

I always wanted to go with the Elbe ferry to Glücksstadt. The city on the Elbe has not only a promising name and a well-known ferry, but really a lot to offer.

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With the Elbe ferry to Glückstadt

Drop in Wischhafen.

Moored in Glückstadt

As an Elf, I have never driven a ferry over “my” river – that had to change urgently. So on to Glückstadt. From the Lower Saxon side, the counterpart is called Wischhafen. Completely empty, the stop to the ferry, we were in fifth place and had to wait only five minutes until the strange vehicle has created. A platform with a handle-shaped construction in the middle. Klaklong – already we are on the ferry, which blows a black diesel soot cloud into the air a little later and drops off. It takes 40 minutes to get to Schleswig-Holstein and relax on the water. A nice break on the long distance, if you drive to the North Sea.

Burgers in the Matjesstadt

You can eat in Glückstadt in many places – especially if you like Matjes. The pickled herring is a trademark of the city and matures here in brine. Logically, that he counts here among the typical dishes. If you want to eat Matjes, go to Schmiedestraße directly at the market. There you will find Plotz specialties and Matjes Raumann as old-established Matjes manufacturers with restaurants and fast-selling. But I do not like fish and I saw a pretty brick house that housed the restaurant Stilbruch. It was a great choice, as there are not only great homemade burgers, but also delicious salads and soups. And you can still watch the preparation.

Great restaurant: Stilwerk

Continue through the city center, which is so wonderfully old-fashioned. There are old-fashioned jewelery shops, a tobacconist, a games and sports shop and real home-goods stores. A refreshing mix that just does not have this unity face out of the chains, as you know it from other cities. Not to be missed is also the Museum Palais für aktuelle Kunst And then there came this shop: Luck work he was called and his name is somehow program.

Shop with heart: Luck

It sells pretty, handmade things for home, kitchen and garden, made in workshops for people with disabilities. But it’s not just a shop, but also a bistro for the quick soup lunch or coffee. And since Glückstadt is located on the Elbe Cycle Route, cyclists in the courtyard can immediately check their bikes or have them mended. A wonderful combination.

The port of the city

The typical ships of Glückstadt.

Bistro at the harbor of Glückstadt.

Sucked enough in the old town, the harbor is actually Glückstadt’s gem. And it is actually a beautiful, because here you stroll past old wooden ships, small motor boats or sailing ships. In the back the colorful medieval houses with their curved facades and gables and in the field of view the brick building of the Salzspeichers there is a beautiful backdrop. Here is the oldest, roadworthy sailing ship in Germany: The Rigmor was built there in 1853 as a cutter and customs ship. Today it is a museum ship and sometimes offers the opportunity for small trips to the Elbe.

The oldest ship in the city

There is a lot to see – even a caravan site can be found at Elbhafen in Glückstadt.

As the dusk descends and yellow light shimmers out of one or the other ship in the harbor, I envy the people with motorhomes that have found a splendid place (for 10 € per day) at the top of the North Pier the Elbe and the passing ships. A little further to the city is also a beautiful place, the bar Strandgut. Under the palm frond sunshades you can put your feet in the heaped sand and enjoy the balmy summer evening. Wonderful.

That’s what the nightlife in Glückstadt looks like

What is behind it??

Information and tips for Glückstadt

The ferry to Glückstadt costs for two people by car 12 euros each way. You just drive there and pay on board. In the summer months, four ferries are used on the track to avoid bottlenecks. On the other side, so from Glückstadt to Wischhafen, it comes mainly to Feierabendzeiten to traffic jams and waiting times.

Restaurants in Glueckstadt:

Stilbruch: The restaurant is new and is located directly on the market square, it is open daily from 11am to 9.30pm, closed on Wednesdays.

flotsam: The beach bar is located directly on the north pier, near the barrage. Wonderful harbor view,, open: Tuesday and Wednesday 12 to 22 o’clock, Thursday and Sunday 10 to 22 o’clock and on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 to 24 o’clock.

Shopping and drinking coffee:

Fortunately plant is the beautiful store where you not only find pretty things, but also get a good cup of coffee; In addition, bicycle workshop., Monday to Friday 8 to 18, Saturday 9 to 13 clock.

Eat matjes: On the second Thursday in June, the city’s first matjes will be officially served. Then Glückstadt celebrates its Matje Weeks. You can also enjoy the fish beyond the festival there.

Sleep: Recommended is the guest house Sell, the owner is not only very friendly and has many tips for the city ready, the house is super clean and is centrally located. Atmospherically decorated. Overnight from 69 €.

Speaks for itself

The ferries look like they have a handle.

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