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The child supplement is intended to prevent families from becoming a social case. It is intended for all parents who can make a living but do not earn enough to care for their children. How the child supplement to calculate and which factors have to be taken into account can be found here.

Information about the child supplement

The child supplement is a state social benefit for low-income parents. It amounts to a maximum of 140 euros and is only paid out if it meets the total needs of parents and children. The parents must therefore earn enough money to meet their own needs within the framework of the legal regulations, but must earn so little that the child’s needs are not covered. The calculation of the child supplement is always based on the livelihood and housing benefit of all family members.

Who receives a child supplement?

In principle, anyone can apply for a child supplement that receives child benefit and has income within the relevant wealth regulations. The child supplement is not only paid to married parents and single parents. Foster parents and grandparents are also entitled to a child supplement as long as they meet the relevant requirements. The same applies to couples who do not constantly live separately or are in a marriage-like community. The child supplement is paid as long as the child is younger than 25, is not married and lives with the parents.

Income limits for child supplement

There are both minimum and maximum income limits when calculating the child supplement. So allowed to married couples together earn no less than 950 euros and single parents no less than 600 euros. The upper limits depend on factors such as the number of children and the proportion of housing. In order to determine how high a family’s entitlement to the child supplement is, the total needs of the parents must first be calculated. The basis of assessment is the rule sets as they are also used for Hartz IV receivers.

Calculate child supplement

The total requirement of a married couple is 656 euros (2x 90% of the standard rate). Added to this is the proportion of housing that depends on the number of children (see table below). With three children, for example, the proportion of housing is 62.27%. That makes 622.70 euros for rent and heating costs of 1,000 euros. The two parents therefore have a total requirement of 1278.70 euros. In addition there is the child supplement of 420 euros (3x 140 euros). This means that the parents’ income must be between 950 euros and 1698.70 euros so that they are entitled to the child supplement.

For a single parent, the full standard rate of 364 euros is used. The housing allowance for two children is 60.68%. At 500 euros per month for rent and heating costs, this makes 303.40 euros. So the mother has a total need of 667.40 euros. In addition there is the child supplement of 280 euros (2x 140 euros). This means that the mother’s income must be between EUR 600 and EUR 947.40 so that she is entitled to the child supplement.


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