Tips for children’s birthdays

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Numerous providers convince with various programs, so there is definitely something suitable for every birthday child. Whether creative, sporty or educational – they definitely sound fun. The next children’s birthday can come!

Pannekoekschip Admiral Nelson

At the beginning of the party, a pirate puts on make-up and disguises the children before they set off to explore the ship. Afterwards there is enough for all pancakes and drinks included in the price. So the little ones start strengthened in the treasure Hunt and solve all the puzzles that are posed to them. The treasure found will of course be fairly distributed among the party guests. The party on the Pannekoekschip Admiral Nelson is perfect for anyone who has always wanted to be a pirate.

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The universe

The universe offers various programs for children’s birthdays. At the Researchers Birthday the children conduct many exciting experiments and at Technology Birthday they even build their own robots. Afterwards you eat in the restaurant at the decorated table and the guests can explore the universe on their own. Outdoor experiments are on the agenda. In addition, a large playground invites you to play and run around.

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Botanika Nature Experience Center

A children’s birthday party at the botanika nature experience center means a lot of fun for the children! Incidentally, they also learn a lot about nature. So how about one treasure Hunt in the jungle, one Photo Rally or an adventure as Nature detective? With all the possibilities, no one is neglected here. The birthdays are accompanied by trained employees. A celebration in the green Science Center is perfect for little explorers and adventurers.

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Boulder Base Bremen

A trainer explains the basic bouldering rules and then leads exciting ones Boulder Games assisted by. When bouldering, you climb in a hall on climbing walls without rope protection. But don’t worry – the floor of the Boulder Base Bremen is completely covered with mats and the children are supervised throughout. In addition, you only climb on one level. For the party guests, a birthday in the Boulder Base is definitely an exciting and varied experience.

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In the hustle and bustle of the harbor, the kids can romp with old ones during the 12-part parkour Carnival games really look! At the beginning of the hustle and bustle, they get a routing slip on which the points collected are counted. After 90 minutes, the winner is determined and the children receive a certificate. Afterwards you fortify yourself at the laid birthday table. There is even the possibility to book a real pirate. Power the small to real pirates!

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Art workshop

In the art workshop, the little ones become real artists! At the Soapstone Carving, frisk and Shape with pieces of glass and tiles they make pendants, mosaic pictures and much more. The artist Imtraut Fliege looks over their shoulders and helps all guests, so that in the end everyone takes home a work of art.

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Soccer King

In the Soccer King, the children score goals for an hour and a half on the original FIFA artificial turf and deliver exciting games matches, where balls, camisole and water are available. As soon as they have let off steam, it goes to the decorated birthday table, where pizza corners or chicken nuggets and fries as well as drinks are ready. For the birthday child there is a small cup at the end. The companions of the little soccer players receive a free coffee at the sports bar.


A birthday classic for many: Adventure Land. The little ones can romp in the colorful, extensive Indoor Hall out. Then you fortify yourself at the birthday table with fries or spaghetti and a drink included in the price. There is also a hot drink for the caregivers. In conclusion allowed to the guests and the birthday child choose a gift.

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In the Spielcoolisse in the Weserpark you can put together your individual birthday program! You decide how the party should go, because most of the content of the party can be booked manually. In addition to the fun in the hall, you can book menus, a gift for the birthday child, an animation program with treasure hunt or the soccer field of the Spielcoolisse as you like.

NABU Bremen

If you would like to organize an outdoor party, NABU Bremen is the place for you! There are numerous and, above all, different birthday offers: the children will on nature trails to Indians, make use of Donkeys accompanied walks or learn them Art of making a fire know. The events take place in different locations and are guaranteed to offer a lot of variety. They are very instructive for that.

Source: NABU Bremen

Bounce and boogie

Not interested in football, romping and bouldering and still want to exercise? How about a birthday at Bounce and Boogie? The two-hour workshop is on dance and movement aligned, whereby the birthday child is welcome to express wishes about the program. Afterwards, the party guests have the option to stay an hour longer to take snacks and cakes that you brought with you to the decorated table.

Focke Museum

After an exciting one guide the children are actively involved in the birthday programs of the Focke Museum. You choose from 15 different topics for different age groups from dolls, mechanical construction kits, whaling, cars, jewelry and much more. A museum educator imparts exciting theoretical and practical knowledge. Of course, you can also take the manufactured items home with you at the end.

Source: Focke-Museum, Martin Luther

Junior Motor Park

In the Junior Motor Park, the children feel like real Formula 1 drivers. Jeep minicars, petrol quads and small Formula 1 cars await you in the children’s birthday program, as well as traffic training and provided safety equipment. If you want to try something else, go wild at the Mini golf area, on the trampoline, to the Table tennis and to the Kick out.

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Of course, bowling should not be missing in our tips for birthday parties. The classic is also offered by Strikees as a birthday party. The basic program includes 2 bowling games and rental shoes, decoration at the bowling alley and a certificate for each child. You can optionally book meals.


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