Tips for your christmas photos

Tips for your Christmas photos

Christmas time is always a special time for families. This time full of contemplation, anticipation, tradition and just this very special mood, we want to capture every year in photos again. As a reminder for us and our children. We have put together a few useful tips and suggestions for your Christmas photos, so that you remember even in 30 years to this great Christmas with a smile on his face.

Pay attention to the details

Christmas lives from details and emotions. So photograph the little hands decorating the Christmas tree, unpacking the radiant faces while giving presents as well as the touches and kisses in your family. Also try as often as possible to get into the picture Christmas style elements, such as warm drinks, woolen things, cookies, lights, glitter, stars and pine branches. This will make your photos look much more authentic.

Record your traditions

Each family has its own Christmas rituals. Do you wear a reindeer pajamas every Christmas and cuddle in the family bed? Or does Grandpa read the Christmas story annually on Christmas Eve? Or do you have to watch the movie “3 Hazelnuts for Cinderella” with grandma again and again on TV? Take pictures and you have the most personal photos you can take.

Please photograph without flash

The romantic Christmas atmosphere through fairy lights and candlelight only comes over when you take pictures without a flash. Better increase your ISO value, even if the pictures start to rustle easily. The picture mood is certainly more important here than a technically perfect picture. Or you use a tripod on some subjects and can thus extend the exposure time considerably.

The classic: children in front of the Christmas tree

You do not have to wait until it’s dark. We even recommend you to photograph the children in front of the Christmas tree only in the daytime with natural light from the front. In the evening, you prefer to position the children next to the tree, so the faces get light from the side. Or you place yourself next to the side of the Christmas tree and have a few more branches on it and the faces of the children who are illuminated from the front of the tree.

Group photo must be

Sometimes it has to be a group photo … even though it does not fit with our beloved reportage style. Still, group photos are important as a reminder. But please without a wide “cheese” on the lips, but quite natural. If you make such a group picture every year, you can watch it wonderfully and watch how the kids get bigger from year to year. Or you connect the group picture with a suitable interaction. For example, grandma in the chair could read a story to the children sitting in front of her.

Family selfie can be

Use the reflection of a big shiny bauble for a selfie with the family.

Do not forget Christmas photos outside

You do not have to wait for Christmas outdoor pictures until it’s really dark. 30 minutes after sunset is actually perfect: the lights of the Christmas decorations outside already radiate wonderfully bright and yet you can see in the photos still the details of the environment. So visit the brightly lit Christmas market with your kids.

Preparation is everything!

You’ll be spared your stress if you check the technology alone one evening before Christmas Eve: Are the lenses cleaned, the memory cards emptied and the batteries full? And uses a list of subjects. Write down all the motives you would like to capture for Christmas. Then you have less stress on the Christmas days and do not look for suitable ideas. As always in the reportage photography, it is also of great advantage, if you think ahead. It would be a shame if you can not hold the rays in the children’s eyes when unpacking gifts, because you have the camera just not at hand.

Also put the camera aside

Give the camera off and make sure that you can see yourself on the Christmas pictures. Or you put your camera away completely and enjoy the party with your loved one.

Concrete suggestions for beautiful motifs can be found in the article “Christmas in pictures: motives for your Christmas story”. And finally, as always: Make something out of your photos! Of course, all these beautiful photos will not do any good if you do not process the photos as well. So print them out and make a nice photo album with your Christmas story out.

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