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With these tips you spend the perfect winter family holiday

A family holiday is something wonderful: finally spending a lot of time with your loved ones, creating shared memories and recharging your batteries. So that nothing stands in the way of a perfect winter holiday with children, here are all my tips on the subject!

The Christmas season is over, the new year has begun and now also the high season for ski holidaymakers. But what is the best way to spend a winter holiday with children? Are ski resorts suitable for a family holiday at all and what are the alternatives? Everything you need to consider when planning your perfect family winter holiday, I’ll tell you now.

Tips for winter holidays with children

Winter destinations for children

For your winter holiday, planning is the be-all and end-all – especially when you are traveling as a family for the first time and have a toddler or baby with you. For optimal preparation, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First of all you have to find the right holiday resort, because ski resorts are certainly not the right thing for the little ones. But there are great alternatives, because destinations that are known for a lot of snow and wonderful landscapes also offer opportunities for tobogganing or hiking for all kids who are still too young to ski.

Vacation in Winter Wonderland

How about a holiday in Finnish Lapland, for example? This snow paradise offers you not only the most beautiful winter wonderland in the world, but also cosy accommodation for unforgettable evenings with the children. Such domiciles in the midst of snowy landscapes can also be found very close to Germany: Austria, Switzerland or the Italian Alps – sometimes a holiday in a cosy hut surrounded by the white world of snow is all you need for the perfect winter holiday with children!

If your winter holiday is to be used for skiing, you will find all the tips for the perfect skiing holiday with children in my article. Also here you have to look at the ski resorts for families, where your kids can learn to ski and where they are well cared for. Austria, for example, is a popular winter destination with a large selection of ski resorts for adults and children.

City trip with children in winter

City trips can also be wonderful as a family, because there is also a lot to do for children in most cities. If you are not on a snowy winter holiday, you can spend a great time in the magic of the cities in winter. Warmly wrapped up walking through beautiful old towns, admiring the glowing lights on every corner or skating around the ice rinks, this can be a lot of fun, especially for your little ones! You can find out which destinations are perfect for city breaks in winter in my article.

The right accommodation

Once you have decided on a destination, you will of course have to find the right accommodation. Whether a luxurious hotel, a cosy mountain hut or a wellness resort – your little ones will love it, won’t they? Family hotels, for example, offer a wide range of activities for kids. Some hotels even offer childcare for a bit of time for two.

If you can dig a little deeper into your pockets, a spa resort is certainly worthwhile, which includes a corresponding wellness offer as well as good catering. There you can relax after long days in the snow. In my article about the most beautiful mountain huts you will also find inspiration for a holiday with lots of snow and time with the family in charming wooden huts.

Packing for your winter holiday

Packing is also a challenge before every journey. Especially in winter, when you shouldn’t pack too much, but not too little to avoid freezing, this becomes a challenge. The first winter holiday with children is another special hurdle, because the worst thing would be if the little ones were to freeze.

Are you still looking for hats, scarves and gloves for your little ones? You can find cuddly warm and comfortable winter baby clothes at vertbaudet.

My tip is definitely the onion principle. If it gets too warm for the children, one can take off individual layers, over them a warm winter jacket and not to forget the winter accessories. Cap, scarf and gloves should not be left at home. The smaller your kids are, the more important it is to keep your little fingers and head warm. That’s why it’s especially important for babies to wear the right winter clothes. Sun protection should not be underestimated, because even in snowy areas the sunlight can be very intense.

Entertainment during your winter holiday

Depending on which destination you choose, there are of course a variety of leisure activities that you can choose according to the age of your kids. Most ski resorts also offer skiing courses for children, where your little ones will be well looked after. You’ll be surprised at how fast your kids are racing down the slopes. But if they’re still too young to ski, tobogganing or romping on playgrounds is a great alternative. Also walks through the winter landscape are always an experience for the children. Even if they can’t play in the snow because they’re still babies, I’m sure they will enjoy the sight of white nature and the clear, fresh air.

Since sport and recreation are close together, there is often a wellness offer and swimming pools at the winter destinations. Here the children can splash around, or you can relax with your babies in the baby pool. A holiday full of beautiful memories is guaranteed.

Focus on family time

As beautiful as skiing, exploring cities or the wellness programme can be: The focus of your family winter holiday is clearly on the kids, so the most important thing for your holiday is the family time! No matter how small the children are, no matter which destination you choose, an unforgettable time together should be the result of your holiday. Use your winter holiday to snuggle up together in bed long after waking up in the morning, slowly start the day with a hearty breakfast with everyone, romp with the kids in the snow, swimming pool or playgrounds and end the day with a bedtime story in the evening after dinner with the family.

Off on a winter holiday

Now you are prepared for your upcoming winter holiday with the little ones and you can go to the most beautiful winter wonderland, to glowing cities or a rustic mountain hut. If you haven’t found the right offer yet, have a look at my deals!

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