Tips on accident prevention and safety in the household


Many safety tips in the household. Safety in the household is very important. Especially if you work daily in the household. Therefore, you should definitely observe our safety tips for accident prevention in the home. For more security in the household with children, for seniors and adults.

Accident prevention and household safety

Most accidents happen at home in the household. Therefore it is very important and advisable to take care of this. Here you will find a collection of good and useful safety tips in the house, with electricity or in the kitchen. With many tricks and guidebooks and dangerous household and leisure products.

Thunderstorm distance calculation

Tips on thunderstorms to calculate distance. This will allow you to easily calculate the distance of a thunderstorm.

Locking systems for hotels increase security

In times of increasing crime and a decreasing sense of security in the population, industry generally has a very easy game when it comes to selling security systems.

The most common household accidents and how they can be avoided

Not in traffic, but in your own home, most accidents happen. Knowing the hazards and defusing them, however, most household accidents can be avoided.

7 tips to protect the phone

Tips and ideas for protecting your smartphone at a glance. Mobile phone protection is an important and yet problematic topic for every mobile phone user. Here are suggestions for protecting your phone and restoring data.

8 tips & Tricks against pickpockets

There is no one hundred percent protection against thieves, because they are everywhere and they are constantly refining their methods. One can be robbed in supermarkets, on squares, in public transport and even on a walk, in short, everywhere, where many people […]

Avoid and prevent tricks for house burglary

Unfortunately, the police report an increasing number of house burglaries. Mostly the perpetrators are petty criminals looking for the path of least resistance. So there are good ways to prevent the house burglary. We reveal how to safely and easily keep goods and […]

Protecting children from dangers in everyday life

Parents always want to do everything right. This is especially true when it comes to the safety of your own child. Especially in the first months and years of life, newborns and infants depend on the protection of their parents. In order to […]

How to sprinkle the sidewalk in the winter

Sprinkling is a must on icy paths. But you can do more damage than prevent it. In particular, should be dispensed with road salt that harm the environment and can pose a traffic risk. Alternatives in the form of sand or […]

So the Advent wreath stays fresh longer and is safe

There are still two weeks left until the festival, but already the first brown needles are falling out of the Advent wreath? You can prevent that. Ideal for wreaths are Nobilistannenzweige, because they do not need, but, they do not smell so nice. […]

Damage consequences for polluters without liability insurance

A story that really exists: On television was a documentary about a young man. The young man had had a barbecue with friends. One of his friends tipped alcohol into the slightly glowing grill and there was a […]

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