Wild ravines are popular destinations of excursions with children

The perfect family trip

Successful family excursions are not a matter of course. Parents and children often have quite different ideas about a great excursion program, and when the interests of siblings of different ages have to be taken into account, it gets really complicated. Nevertheless, it is possible to meet the expectations of all family members. Fortunately there is no lack of possibilities in the Allgäu. The region, which is certainly one of the most beautiful in Germany, is ideal for families. Here it does not lack really not at appropriate offers, rather it applies to select some favorites. And you will quickly notice: Who has the choice, has the agony…”

Christina Cherry

This awaits you in three minutes reading time on this page. First you will get some ideas about what we have done with children in Bavaria. Maybe you already have one or the other picture in your head after that, as you like to do it during your family holiday. Below the article you will find the links to our experience reports on how we visited the individual family holiday destinations in addition to my tips.

What to do with children on holiday in Bavaria?

This is what Bavaria with children has to offerWhat makes Bavaria so special when it comes to family holidays? Few regions in Germany can offer such a great variety as the holiday destination Bavaria: When on holiday on a farm, look over the shoulder of the farmer in the Bavarian forest, scramble in the climbing garden of Garmisch Partenkirchen or visit the high ropes course in Oberaudorf, hike with your parents to the summit cross in the Allgäu, shake hands with giant figures in the amusement park or walk down a very large mountain made only of sand in the Upper Palatinate until your feet burn. Here even world championships in sand skiing and sand boarding take place!

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People are getting older and older – but this does not always apply to their teeth. Then the so-called “third teeth” are in demand. Whether removable dentures or fixed dentures, dealing with “the third party” is initially unfamiliar and takes some getting used to. We will give you tips on how to handle and properly care for your third teeth.

New dental prosthesis: first phase of familiarization

It will take a few days to get completely used to the new teeth. At first it may be difficult to speak some sounds. The quickest way to get these hurdles under control is with a little language training, undisturbed in front of the mirror.

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Activities in Lübeck Bay with child in low season

Summer, sun, Baltic beach? Not only in summer the Baltic Sea is a perfect destination for a holiday with the whole family. In autumn I find the Baltic Sea even more beautiful. Then, when the wind whistles, the autumn light makes the Baltic Sea shine in warm yellow tones and most tourists have already left. Extensive beach walks are so much more fun for me.

The Baltic Sea and especially the Lübeck Bay have much more to offer in autumn than wide, fine sandy beaches, impressive nature and fresh, salty air. Especially families get their money’s worth in Lübeck Bay. There is so much to discover and experience that a single holiday is not enough.

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Aesthetic dentistry – beautiful and white teeth for a lifetime

Do you know a Hollywood star whose teeth are not beautiful, straight and bright-white? Neither do we! Beautiful white teeth look healthy and make you sexy. They are also immensely important for professional and private success. Yellow teeth, on the other hand, are associated with a lack of care and smoking.

In our dental practice we offer the entire range of services of modern holistic, aesthetic dentistry (services such as dental aesthetics or tooth beautification, dental cosmetics, total restoration, denture restoration, amalgam restoration). This includes small fillings in the desired tooth colour, laboratory-fabricated ceramic veneers up to all-ceramic total restoration of the defective dentition.

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Wonderful sunshine! We have been waiting for this for a long time! Everyone wants to get some sun, enjoy the fresh air and move outside. Especially the children have a special urge to move in spring and are happy when you play with them outside. That’s why I’ve created the ultimate list of 10 outdoor activities with children for Munich and Bavaria. If you want to know more about the location or the place, just click on the link – you will then be directed to the detailed article or to my blogpost.

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