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Inflammation of the gums

Gingivitis and bleeding gums

The gingivitis is one of the most common Diseases of the teeth or the gums. As a rule, the inflammation is due Bacteria from the oral cavity caused, which spread after their formation and thus can attack even more areas. Studies show that about 80 percent of Germans have acute gingivitis or, at least in the recent past, had gingivitis. Not always this is recognized immediately, because the associated Bleeding gums are often overlooked, dismissed recklessly or occur later in the course.

Tartar removal – effective prophylaxis against gingivitis

Even if the gingivitis does not necessarily hurt right away or the gums may not even bleed, you should take this disease seriously. She is relative easy to treat, by going regularly Remove tartarn, you can also help her out well. This is no less important than caring for the teeth. A gingivitis is just as dangerous as the classic toothache. If left completely untreated, the bacteria spread steadily in the mouth, attacking the gums and the periodontium. Thus, in the worst case, the gingivitis is the precursor to the third or the periodontitis.

Information on gingivitis

Would you like more information on gingivitis? We are happy to assist you and send you information material.

Causes of gingivitis

With regard to the causes creates an interplay, which is why the tartar remove too effective prophylaxis becomes. The gum disease is caused by bacteria, which settle for example in the interdental spaces. Although more than 300 different bacteria can be found in the oral cavity of humans, they are not necessarily a problem because they are an integral part of the oral flora. It becomes problematic when germs multiply to an unhealthy extent. The bacteria reach deep into the gums and even attack the tissue around the neck of the tooth.

Because removing tartar is a method of prophylaxis, it is already clear what are the causes of gingivitis: lack of hygienee and therefore too strong bacteria deposit. The bacteria develop into a tough coating and later to plaque. This adheres firmly to the tooth and can not be sprayed away at this time, but it must be thoroughly brushed off. If this does not happen, you must remove the tartar, which in the next step from the plaque forms. When removing tartar, the then hard residues are professionally and gently removed by your dentist in Bonn. Removing tartar is no longer possible at this stage, so you need to contact your dentist.

While the general causes remain the same, other risk factors play a role. For example, smokers are more likely to have gingivitis and do not always notice it immediately because of the smoky taste in the mouth and reduced blood flow. Likewise, some people simply tend to inflammation faster.

Symptoms in acute gingivitis

A gingivitis To recognize early, the treatment at your Dentist of trust in Bonn make it much easier later. The symptoms also depend on the general condition of the teeth, gums and pharynx. Therefore, we always recommend to have the tartar removed regularly, so that you have the Symptoms of gingivitis ideally never "firsthand" have to learn. However, if the gums are inflamed, you can feel this inflammation very easily and see it without any additional aids.

The gums are severely red during gingivitis. A healthy gum reaches into the upper part of the interdental space and has a soft pink color. If there is an inflammation, the gums are gaudy red in color, and it is usually visibly swollen. Furthermore, the gum is no longer quite in the interdental spaces, but relaxes or retreats further. In the worst case, even the cervicals visible.

However, those affected should not let it come first. Other symptoms are felt whenever pressure is applied to the gums in some way.

in the In the early stages, the gums may bleed easily while brushing their teeth. If the inflammation is already advanced, it bleeds more and more frequently. Then often enough already a bite in the apple to trigger a bleeding. In particularly bad cases, a simple touch with the index finger on the gums, whereupon this bleeds immediately.

Not infrequently sufferers also feel chewing one "bloody" Taste in the mouth – this is the gingivitis, which begins to bleed, because when chewing a pressure on teeth and gums is exercised. While many patients are aware that they should regularly remove tartar, they often underestimate a bleeding gum. Still stubbornly holds the view that it is "relatively normal" be, if the gums bleed once in a while. But that’s just wrong, because healthy gums do not bleed.

Therefore you should always take the symptoms of gingivitis seriously and visit your trusted dentist in Bonn. Here it can be determined whether there is actually an inflammation, whether it is necessary to remove calculus and how far an inflammation is already advanced. The prophylaxis, Having tartar removed is also important because gingivitis not only looks ugly and feels uncomfortable. This could later become one Develop periodontitis, Consequential damage to the periodontium can not be ruled out if the gums continue to fall ill if left untreated and continue to retract further.

Diagnosis of gingivitis in our Bonn practice

It is the color of the gums checked, as well as whether this still fills the gaps and whether it is sometimes swollen. Furthermore, the teeth are carefully examined for plaque. It is checked whether a slight pressure can trigger a bleeding. The strength of the gums can be checked by inserting a probe into the gum pockets.

Treatment for gingivitis: therapy and treatment for gingivitis

Removing the tartar is indispensable to one Prevent gingivitis and to treat her. Furthermore, coverings are removed because they are in those bacteria that trigger the inflammation. Removing both plaque and tartar is important because dangerous bacteria are present in both the soft and hard surfaces. Removing tartar is therefore recommended even if there is no acute gingivitis.

Furthermore, in the treatment of gingivitis and the Gingival pockets are rinsed out, to get many bacteria out of the gum "to press". A special mouthwash, which reduces the number of bacteria in the mouth, is recommended as a supplement. Removing both plaque and tartar is relatively painless. The Gingivitis is considered to be extremely treatable, if it is tackled early.

After plaque and tartar removal and supportive measures such as mouthwash or rinsing of the periodontal pockets, the gums often heal within a few days.

Contact us for an appointment to have tartar removed in Bonn or for a professional tooth cleaning to effectively prevent gingivitis.

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