Toddler pillow for sleeping, small snap pillow for children 15 – x 10 – pink – beautiful baby clothes

Toddler pillow for sleeping, small snap pillow for children 15 ″ x 10 ″ pink

It is soft and ensures a quick recovery after deformation. The child can turn the pillow over and the higher one The End use for better neck support in old age. The variable pressure foaming technology maintains the shape for continuous support of the head and neck and aligns the body in a natural position.

With a portable bag and compressible design, the toddler pillow is ideal for the midday sleep program. Luxurious grass coral fiber cover is naturally antimicrobial and resistant to allergens, 99% antibiotic resistance. 100% safe for children. Dust mites are a major cause of allergies and asthma.

30-night trial – better sleep for your little ones or your money back. So that your child’s spine is naturally aligned while sleeping, using a cushion with a contour, it is recommended to support both the neck and the head. Grass corals are able to control house dust mite populations by eliminating their food sources such as mold and bacteria.

The cover is removable, bacteria and dust mite, mold, breathable and washable. Our pillows for toddlers are made from Rohs-certified foam without the 169 chemicals ozone depletion, TDCPP, mercury, lead, PBDEs, heavy metals, flame retardants etc. Included in the delivery: 1 x memory foam toddler pillow.

Sleeping bag sleeping bag with feet lined all year round in 2.5 Tog – available in different sizes and designs for boys and girls

Lined in 2.5 tog for year-round use at room temperatures from 15 to 21 degrees. Cute sleeping bag with feet in different designs made of 100% jersey cotton. The sleeping bag with feet offers the comfort of a regular sleeping bag only with openings for the little children’s feet and thus provides even more freedom of movement when your child starts running and crawling.

At night, the child’s feet are put in the sleeping bag to sleep. All year round sleeping bag with feet – the original – provides more freedom of movement through the foot openings. 2.5 tog, lined for year-round use suitable for four seasons and room temperatures from 15 to 21 degrees.

Please note: if your child’s feet remain outside the sleeping bag for sleeping, the sleeping bag length should be approximately the same height. In different sizes from 6 months up to 6 years in different designs and colors – the central safety zip with chin guard makes it easy to put on and take off.

. The sleeping bag is tested according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and is therefore free of harmful substances. Your child’s feet can be put in the sleeping bag at bedtime.


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