Tongue breakers and rhymes for children


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Tongue breakers and rhymes for children

At around 5 years of age, many children develop a preference for tongue twisters and rhyming. At this age, children can express themselves well and feel safe in their main language, so they start to actively play with the language themselves. Even the much younger ones like rhymes. Just think of the numerous children’s books, songs and knee riders that we, as parents, grandmas, grandpas, aunts or babysitters, read from the beginning or sing and play with children. In contrast to the younger children, preschool children try to rhyme themselves or to invent funny sayings. They also discover the world of jokes and begin to recount or invent them themselves.

Rhyming is also a fun game on the go. My daughter (5 y.) And I take turns trying to do everything we see. B. street sign, house or red shoe etc. to find a suitable rhyming word.

But tongue twisters are also very popular at this age. Tongue breakers are about saying the saying or short sentence without getting a knot in the tongue. The difficult thing is not the individual words, but the stringing together of words with similar or similar sounds. Who of you does not remember well-known sayings like:

"Fisher’s Fritz is fishing fresh fishes. Fischers Fritz fishes fresh fish. ”Or“ Red cabbage remains red cabbage and wedding dress remains wedding dress. ”

Hit list with funny tongue twisters and sayings

There are tongue twisters like sand by the sea and in many different languages. Children playfully practice their articulation with tongue twisters. They also practice speaking speed and concentration. The following tongue twisters are extremely popular, at least with my children:

  1. Snails startle when snails lick snails,
    because to scare many snails, snails don’t taste. ”
  2. Seven seal clans sit on the seven seal cliffs,
    who dip into the ribs,
    until they tip off the cliffs.
  3. Twenty dwarfs show handstands,
    ten in the closet,
    ten on the sandy beach.
  4. When flies fly behind flies, flies fly after.
  5. When seals seal after seals, seals seal after seals.
  6. Ten dwarf tooth ten hundredweight sugar to the fence.
    Ten dwarf ten hundredweight sugar to the fence.

You can find tongue twisters in alphabetical order here, for example.

Book tips on rhymes and tongue twisters

But you can find numerous funny sayings not only online. You will also find a variety of entertaining books on these topics in the city libraries in Vienna. By the way, the annual pass for children is free in the city libraries. Here are our current favorite books:

Knickel, crackle, Knobelbecher – tricky-tangled tongue twister. Regina Schwarz and Sven Leberer. Esslinger publishing house.

In this book you will find the well-known tongue twister somewhat rewritten and many new ones with colorful illustrations. Also rhythmic gossip poems to join in and join in.

Do you have to win kitty? Gerda Anger-Schmidt and Renate Habiner. Residenz publishing house.

A fun language game book not only with tongue twisters, but with many different suggestions for playing with language. In this book you will find language games for different age groups. It offers stories and word games for kindergarten children and also elementary school children. A reading and speaking pleasure that grows with you.

I love you like apple sauce. The most beautiful poems for young and old. Amilie Fried and Sybille Hein. cbj publishing house

A collection of poems for children. It may sound a bit daunting at first, but it is a wonderful, funny and entertaining entry into the world of poetry. The author has collected 120 poems by authors such as Ernst Jandl, Friedericke Mayröcker, Michael Ende as well as classics such as Goethe, Morgenstern and Rilke. Together with the child-friendly and beautiful illustrations, this book is fun reading aloud for my children and me.

Have fun rhyming and breaking tongues &# 128578;

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