Tooth cleaning costs

Tooth cleaning costs

Teeth cleaning costs

The cost of professional tooth cleaning ranges from € 40 to € 150 depending on the treatment effort. You have to be aware that you have to bear the costs for good tooth cleaning. If a professional tooth cleaning costs € 40, it can be assumed that it cannot be done carefully enough, otherwise it will not pay off for the dental practice. The cost of teeth cleaning is almost always borne entirely by private health insurance companies.

The situation is different for statutory health insurance companies: the health insurance benefits only include the removal of tartar once a year, but the costs of tooth cleaning for a complete professional tooth cleaning must be borne by the patient privately.

The cost of professional teeth cleaning varies depending on the number of teeth, the amount of time and the level of difficulty. On average, a price of around € 100 would be normal with 28 teeth and average time and difficulty.

Compare prices

A price comparison is often worthwhile with professional tooth cleaning. It is essential that oral hygiene status is recorded when teeth are cleaned and instructions for domestic teeth cleaning are given with oral hygiene instructions. Tooth polishing and fluoridation are also part of tooth cleaning. It is often calculated based on the number of teeth and effort. Initial treatment often takes longer and can cost more. The service provider MediKompass offers a simple and uncomplicated way to compare prices. After entering a few details, you can register on the platform free of charge and without obligation, in order to then compare the prices of different dentists transparently. Here you indicate the costs of a dental cleaning of your current doctor. Of course, you are not obliged to accept this offer. Click here to compare prices.

Professional teeth cleaning

In professional tooth cleaning, supragingival (above the gum line) and gingival (on the gums) plaque on the tooth surface and sometimes up to 2mm of the root surface are removed. In addition, the interdental spaces are cleaned, which are often neglected in domestic oral hygiene. After only 2-3 days, a biofilm is formed on the teeth, which consists of food waste, billions of bacteria and metabolic products of the bacteria. Failure to remove it can lead to tooth decay or periodontitis. Tooth cleaning is done with hand instruments (scaler), ultrasound or air flow (powder jet). The biofilm is removed and the tooth surface is then polished. Finally, the teeth are fluoridated.

Professional teeth cleaning – how often?

It is recommended to go to professional teeth cleaning at least 1-2 times a year. This is largely due to domestic oral hygiene and the individual susceptibility of your own teeth to tooth decay and gingivitis. Patients with previous periodontitis should go to professional teeth cleaning every three months for pretreatment and follow-up treatment.

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