Tooth correction for adults: treatment alternatives and costs


When does tooth position correction make sense??

Adults love aligners: there are many options for correcting tooth positions that go hand in hand with high aesthetic demands in the context of orthodontic treatment. Old childhood memories are a thing of the past: In the past, all brackets or braces were pink and also on "such a rack around your head" some adults have bad memories. These reservations are now unfounded. thanks aesthetic materials and low forces, it is possible to treat misaligned teeth today into adulthood – without aesthetic disadvantages.

Maxillary anterior teeth, which are gently fanned out due to bone loss, are carefully moved back into the bone using aligners or fixed mechanics (intrusion). Ideally this is tooth intrusion associated with a recovery and improvement of the surrounding bony structures and gums.

Tilted teeth after tooth loss can be straightened up before they can be used as prosthetic teeth for new dentures. This treatment can only take a few months. Both loose and fixed treatment agents are conceivable in this case.


Which costs arise?

Mini plastic splints with changed tooth position, so-called. aligners are becoming increasingly important in the context of adult therapy. Secondary treatments after previous orthodontic therapy in childhood are especially popular with aligners. This often affects bottlenecks and rotations in the area of ​​the upper and lower snow >(Lingualtechnik) the high aesthetic demands of adult patients are taken into account. We only use self-ligating internal brackets because we can set up longer intervals between check-ups. The monthly change of the rubbers that hold the bow in the bracket can be omitted. Such a tooth correction for adults is only possible on the basis of a private healing and cost plan. Ask us about the costs.


When is a jaw surgery operation useful??

Adults who have a skeletal massive bite displacement between the upper and lower jaw are not to be treated with purely orthodontic options alone. Orthodontic treatment may never have taken place at a young age. Perhaps the genetic requirements were also so unfavorable that earlier treatment could only achieve a partial goal. All of this can be made up for in adulthood: surgical interventions in the sense of relocating one or both jaws are then at least possible. In interdisciplinary education with doctors for mouth, maxillofacial surgery, physiotherapists and speech therapists, they lose orthodontic / orthodontic treatments their horror. After extensive orthodontic and orthodontic advice, the costs of such treatment for adults are also covered by statutory health insurance if the findings are correct. Both for orthodontic treatment and of course for the surgical procedure. However, before the maxillofacial and / or mandibular jaw can be offset, both dental arches must be shaped in both jaws using a fixed clamp.


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